As a busy college student trying to navigate the world of “adulting,” grocery shopping is often the first thing that gets knocked off of my crowded to-do list. This is especially inconvenient for me because, as a student at the University of Michigan, I'm nowhere near one of Sheetz's new Fuel-Free Cafés. 

The beloved convenience store's revolutionary concept is just like a normal Sheetz but without the gas station. If you’ve been to the café at Penn State, you know these one-stop-shops are the cure for everything from early-morning coffee runs to late-night drunk food desires. Ann Arbor, take notes—because here are 10 reasons why we (and other campuses) really need one of these award-winning cafes:

10. Grocerant Emporium

Ali Barzyk

Who wouldn't want a healthy deli, grocery store, coffeehouse, and liquor store all in one? Whether you need a nutritious sandwich in between classes, quick groceries, or a big old milkshake, Sheetz has you covered. You can literally live off of the products in this store. 

9. Breakfast all freaking day

The self-proclaimed Sheetz Freakz will tell you the all-day breakfast is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bagels.

8. Buzzin' Coffeehouse

Believe me when I say this Cold Brew is on point. Sheetz Cafes are outfitted with high-end coffee machines, meaning you get a high-quality brew without droppin' dollars at an expensive coffeehouse. Yup, Cold Brew is only $1.99.

7. Dairy Dreams

Visions of soft serve ice cream, fridges of frozen treats, milkshakes, and slushies will be dancing in your head. You can also check out the Shweetz Bakery to satisfy a sweet tooth.

6. Order Online

Let’s say you hit the snooze button too many times. That doesn't mean you have to skip breakfast. You can use Sheetz online ordering to solve all the problems.

5. MTO: Made to Order

Welcome to 2017, where people get more excited about ordering food on touch screens than about the food itself. The MTO (made to order) feature lets you create your dream meal, which is made of only the highest-quality ingredients. Sheetz also created this super-easy Sheetz App so you can view nutrition facts and get special deals.

4. Total Chef Boss

Not many convenience stores can say they have a classically-trained executive chef. The acclaimed mastermind behind the epic Sheetz menu is Chef Dan Coffin, whose culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University helps Sheetz turn convenience store food into restaurant-quality deliciousness.

3. Beer Caves

beer, tea, coffee
Ali Barzyk

Because who doesn’t love an entire room dedicated to brews and ales?

2. Mac and Cheese Bites

Aaaand there it is, the reason we've all been waiting for. If you've never ordered these bad boys at 2am, did you even go to college?

1. Open 24 Hours

Any way you want it and any time you want it. The beautiful convenience of Sheetz grocerants should be something that every campus strives for.

Not sure if Sheetz is near your campus? Check out the list of locations and new cafe openings, or make your voice heard and suggest a cafe for your campus. It's time for a Sheetz run.