By now you’ve probably heard of the Edinburgh pizzeria, Civerinos, which opened up last year, but you may not know about their new more casual offshoot on Forrest Road. We took a little SpoonU trip over to Civerinos Slice to check it out and ended coming back the next morning for more. Safe to say we’re more than a little bit obsessed.

1) Their toppings are amazing

pepperoni, cheese, pizza
Ben Chan

I’ve got a personal weakness for their “tony the greek” aka some olive-y, feta-y goodness. Other highlights include “porky’s revenge” with a predictably piggy theme as pictured above, as well as various veggie options.

2) The pizzas are massive

If you opt for a full pie, you’re committing to 20 inches of deliciousness. For reference, that’s about the size of a mini fridge so come hungry or bring friends.

3) They sell by the slice

If you’re not up for the 20 inch challenge, you can grab yourself a slice (living up to its name!). These are pretty massive on their own so be prepared. If you can manage multiple slices, this means that you can mix and match different toppings. 

4) Their breakfast calzones are the real deal

sandwich, bacon
Annie Caldwell

These are honestly the best hangover food – just a tiny bit greasy and filling enough to soak up the last bits of alcohol. You can get savoury versions with combinations of eggs, bacon, and spinach, or you can follow your heart and go for a nutella one. It’s basically like a reverse churro with a crispy, sugary, fried dough holding the melty chocolate, which means you get even more nutella in each bite.

5) Rad sides

dairy product
Ben Chan

Shout out to their super crispy fries. I tend to be a ketchup purist when it comes to my condiments for fries, but even I opted for their mustard aioli which complimented the oregano-seasoned fries perfectly.

6) The bottomless coffee

With unlimited filter coffee for £3, this is the perfect hangover recovery location or study spot to hide out in until you’re ready to face the real world.

7) They've got some surprises in store for us 

Rumour has it that they’re planning to install an arcade machine in the basement. Keep a look out for updates!

8) The staff are really nice

beer, cake
Ben Chan

On our own SpoonU trip to the Edinburgh pizzeria, we all commented on how chill our waiters were. They were friendly and knowledgeable, giving us the low down on the best toppings. We hung around chatting for a while and never felt rushed.

9) Location is everything

tea, wine, pizza, beer
Ben Chan

It’s just opposite the Old Med School at the top of Middle Meadow Walk so it’s convenient for both George Square days as well as Cowgate nights.