Everyone in the city of Chicago is rolling on the hype of the Cubs going to the World Series. It has been 71 years since the last time the Chicago Cubs have played in the World Series.

As a lover of food and Chicago sports, I thought I might find the ten best places for Cubs fans (and all Chicagoans hopefully) to support our North-Side team to its' 2016 World Series victory.  

1. State Restaurant 

A nice burger and bar joint on Webster, only a few blocks away from the DePaul University campus. Inside, you'll find about a billion TVs to catch just about any game that is televised. From college football to MLB, this place has everything a sports-lover could ever ask for.

#SpoonTip: There's a $5.99 menu on Wednesdays if you buy a drink of any kind.

2. Lou Malnati's

Growing up in the Chicagoland area, you learn to have a favorite deep dish pizza. For me, Lou Malnati's is my go-to. With their crunchy butter crust and delicious tomato sauce, one slice is never enough.

There are multiple locations all around the city and suburbs of Chicago. With multiple TVs all over the restaurant, you'll be able to catch the Cubs and some of the best pizza in Chicago all in one spot giving you the truest Chicago experience. Go to their website and find the near you! 

3. Homeslice

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Natalie Reehl

Speaking of Chicago pizza, Homeslice is another great place to watch sports with great food. With interesting variations of toppings, Homeslice bakes personal pizzas for everyone with every kind of tastebuds.

Homeslice has a rustic-urban atmosphere that is enjoyable year-round. Grab a cold one and a personal pizza to pair with the most exciting games of the year!

4. Gino's East

Here in Chicago, you can never talk about pizza enough. Gino's East is runner up on my deep-dish list. With soft and flaky crust and cheese that will string for miles, Gino's is a great match for a Cubs game. With locations all over the city, there is bound to be one a few blocks away from you.

#SpoonTip: Bring a sharpie, Gino's encourages you to write on their walls to make your mark!

5. McGee's Tavern & Grill

McGee's Tavern and Grill is a sports bar located in Lincoln Park. Just down the street from DePaul University's campus and in the hub of Lincoln Park, it is a well-known sports bar.

Having delicious bar-bites and sandwiches, it is a perfect place to watch the game. Make sure the game isn't happening during an Ohio State football game though because the Buckeyes will come first over professional Chicago sports.

#SpoonTip: This is a bar, so you must be 21+ to enter, but that can't stop you from ordering their delicious Irish Nachos take-out style.

6. Dublin's Bar & Grill

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Judy Holtz

I was practically raised to love Dublin's. My dad works in a restaurant in the Viagra Triangle (a little triangle in which restaurants and stores are located in, including Dublin's) and my aunt used to be a manager at Dublin's.

Closing at 4 am every night, Dublin's is the hot-spot for late night drinking and bar bites. Within the pub itself are multiple TVs so any seat has a great view. Full of life and community, this pub will draw its' foodies in one spicy chicken tender at a time.

#SpoonTip: Kids are allowed in! As long as families 21 and under are sitting at a table and not the bar, so everyone can enjoy some chicken tenders and waffle fries (they are the best). 

7. Bar 63

Only down the street from Loyola University, this is a hot spot for catching the Cubs game and grabbing a bite to eat in Rodger's Park. Known for their friendly service and tater tots, Bar 63 is a great place to watch the Cubs play their way to victory with family and friends. 

8. Jimmy Green's South Loop Bar & Grill

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Jimmy Green's South Loop Bar & Grill is the best sports stop for all you south loopers. Calling themselves the "All-American Sports Bar," Jimmy Green's has something for everyone of all ages and all sport-lovers. With a special almost everyday of the week, you'll find yourself catching the game and loving Jimmy Green's. 

9. Barn & Company

With its rustic atmosphere, Barn & Company is known as the best BBQ in North Chicago. It's location is right in the hub of Lincoln Park—theater, blues clubs, DePaul, and a few train stops away from Wrigleyville itself.

Dive into the messiness of hickory-smoked and meat-lovin' as you step into this delectable BBQ. Open to families of all ages and an option for all taste buds (except vegans and vegetarians), this is the place for the gang to catch the game with and enjoyable home-cooked meal away from home. 

10. Sports Corner Bar & Grill  

Right outside of Wrigley Stadium itself stands Sports Corner Bar & Grill. It's the perfect place to catch the game with the Wrigleyville atmosphere. It has all the sounds of being inside Wrigley Field without actually being inside Wrigley Field.

So grab a friend, family, or anyone who like to eat or watch baseball and go to Sports Corner to watch the Cubs defeat the Indian's in the World Series.