It's no secret that Los Angeles is one of the foodie capitals of the world. They have a diverse population with so many amazing eats. From Mexican tacos to Chinese dumplings to Vietnamese pho, it's all condensed into one big city.

Though there are many restaurants in Los Angeles, there are a few hole-in-the-walls with delicious staples that people often miss out on. Try out some of these 10 restaurants around East Los Angeles when you embark on your next trip to sunny Southern California. 

1. La Monarca Bakery

The first on the list is La Monarca Bakery. With numerous locations sprawling across Los Angeles, La Monarca Bakery is a great place to grab some morning grub and coffee. They have a myriad of pastries, ranging from donuts and conchas, a sweet Mexican bread, to more savory options like quiches, molletes, tacos. For the more health-conscious folks, they offer yogurt parfaits, salads, and oatmeal.  In addition to their scrumptious pastries, they offer even sweeter desserts, such as traditional tres leche cake and flan.

2. Mr. Churro

Located in the heart of Olivera street, you will find Mr. Churro in a small alleyway. The churros here are hot, thick, warm, and delicious. Served plain, oozing with strawberry, chocolate, or caramel filling, or even topped with ice cream, each churro is equally delectalbe. 

Though known mainly for their scrumptous churros, Mr. Churro has other delicious options, such as their Mexican street food fare including carne asada fries and the California burrito. Or if you want to play it safe, dino chicken nuggets.  

3. El Mercadito Mariachi

El Mercadito Mariachi is located in the middle of El Mercado, a market situated in East Los Angeles. The restaurant functions in a rather busy environment, but the food is nonetheless delicious, fresh, and surely worth a bang for your buck.

One of my personal favorite foods to order here is the guacamole appetizer. The guacamole here is delicious and packed with tons of lime flavor, making it better than Chipotle's (if I do say so myself.)  El Mercadito Mariachi serves complimentary chips and salsa as well as offer a wide range of freshly squeezed juices.

#SpoonTip: Looking for dinner and a show? As the name implies, Mariachi bands play musical numbers here. 

4. Homegirl Cafe  

The brainchild of Homeboy Industries is none other than Jesuit priest Father Gregory Boyle.  Homeboy Industries has many franchises, and Homegirl Cafe just so happens to be one of them. Serving breakfast, lunch, and even Saturday brunch, this is a spot that you do not want to miss. 

The food served at Homegirl Cafe is fresh, delicious, and tasty. They offer a wide range of dishes, from vegetarian salads to fish tacos to even kale grilled cheese because let's be real here, it's not California without the kale.

In addition to their delicious dishes, Homegirl whips up delicious sweets, pastries, bread, and their signature coffee cake. If you're lucky, you might be able to see Father Greg in his office, adjacent to the cafe. 

5. Bob's Freeze 

Craving something sweet? Perhaps this diner-like ice cream shop will satisfy your sweet tooth. Bob's Freeze offers delicious banana splits, malts, twisters, cones, soft serve, sundaes, slushies, shakes and even hand-dipped ice cream cones. So if you're looking for a one-stop ice cream shop, Bob's Freeze is the way to go.

6. Un Solo Sol

Un Solo Sol kitchen is a restaurant with Latin American flair located in the Mariachi Plaza. From enchiladas to taquitos to tacos to soups to fajitas, this place has something that will be sure to please everyone in your party. Not only do they have a plethora of flavorful dishes to choose from, they offer options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians or vegans alike. 

7. La Azteca Tortilleria 

If you are a lover of breakfast burritos, you must check out La Azteca Tortilleria. Ranked as one of the best burritos in LA Weekly by food critic Jonathan Gold, you best believe it be true. The tortillas here are handmade and fresh. Though the lines may extend out the door, these burritos are worth the wait. They are warm, juicy, flavorful, pillows of heaven waiting to be devoured. 

8. So-Cal Burgers Chill & Grill

As delicious as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas are, it can get boring eating the same thing after a while. Luckily, So-Cal Burgers Chill & Grill cooks up burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches when when you're craving these American staples. The burgers are juicy, fresh, tender, and flavorful, and the fries are served fresh from the fryer.

#SpoonTip: Not digging the whole burger thing? Fear not, they also offer veggie patties. 

9. Guisados 

This eatery is for all the taco lovers out there. According to their website, they serve "homestyle braises on handmade corn tortillas". The tacos served at Guisados are not limited to just steak, chicken and pork. They have fish, shrimp, mushroom, and squash tacos, too.

Along with their seafood and poultry tacos, they have some breakfast tacos loaded with chorizo, eggs, potatoes and their secret family salsa. The food here is fresh, delicious, and made with love.

The best part? The entire menu is gluten-free. 

10. Original Snow Cone and Funnel Cakes 

One food that brings me back to my childhood has to be funnel cake. Soft, warm, sweet, and loaded with powdered sugar, they were, and still are, the ultimate carnival treat.

Original Snow Cone and Funnel Cakes in East Los Angeles serves up delicious funnel cakes that will be sure to evoke some of those childhood days spent at the amusement park. Dusted with powdered sugar, topped with whipped cream and strawberries, this makes for a decadent cheat day dessert. Aside from selling funnel cakes, this place sells raspados, shaved ice, fried Oreos, and fried Snickers to satisfy all your fried food cravings.

Los Angeles may have a bunch of restaurants to choose from, but the next time you swing by East Los Angeles, be sure to check out these scrumptious eateries.