If you can’t get enough Mexican food, get ready to start asking for more. Burritos and tacos are classics but these hidden gems take you straight to the pueblo in Mexico. Stop being a basic burrito-eating bitch, drop the Chipotle and go get your hands on a good Michelada and some aguachile.

#SpoonTip: All of these are good hangover cures. You just have to figure out where to get your hands on them.

1. Tostilocos

Mexican foods

Photo courtesy of @mias_mommy5 on Instagram

You probably never imagined eating fruit with chips but that’s exactly where Tostilocos takes you. A bag of Tostitos is cut lengthwise and filled with cucumber, jicama, Japanese peanuts, pork rinds, tamarind candy, lemon, chamoy (a tangy apricot sauce) and hot sauce.

There is only way this gets better: it’s when you switch out Tostitos for Takis Fuego (spicy rolled chips) to get Takilocos. Take eating chips to the next level by checking out this one-bag recipe.

2. Aguachile

Mexican foods

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Imagine what shrimp ceviche’s hotter older sister would be – that is exactly what aguachile is. Some Mexican genius decided to blend hot peppers into the lime juice used to cure the shrimp, and boom.

Eat this on a tostada, on crackers or even just eat it with your hands and drink the juice afterward. Pure deliciousness. It only takes 20 minutes to make, so if you’re up for it check out this recipe.

3. Michelada

Mexican foods

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If you don’t know what a Michelada is, you are missing out on the most savory alcoholic beverage out there. Think Bloody Mary, but one you don’t just order at brunch – you can drink it anytime.

It is made with your choice of beer (Mexican beer works best), Clamato tomato juice, lime, salt, hot sauce, Tajin (a dried chili powder) and anything from fruit to seafood as a garnish. It is a drink that gets you ready to party like no other. If you’re needing inspiration, hit up this Serious Eats guide to Mexican candy and snacks to top your Michelada off.

4. Elotes

Mexican foods

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Elotes are essentially corn on the cob or served in a cup. Except there is a twist. You get them from a lady with her shopping cart filled with all the ingredients. She smothers the corn on the cob in butter, mayonnaise, cheese, hot sauce, Tajin and lemon. If your mouth isn’t watering, it actually is because you haven’t ever had it and you need to now.

5. Chamango

Mexican foods

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If you like mango and spicy food, this is for sure the snack for you. A Chamango is an ice blended drink that has mango, chamoy, hot sauce and Tajin. Often times, you will get it with fresh fruit and spicy tamarind candy on top. The greatest part is that they have so many variations including Champiña with pineapple, which is my personal favorite. If you aren’t convinced yet, check this article out.

6. Diablitos

Mexican foods

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Diablito translates to “little devil” in Spanish. That name is too accurate for this snack because it’s so good that it must be evil. In a cup, you have lime flavored shaved ice, topped with a combination of Tajin, chamoy and hot sauce. Again, you have the Mexican spicy/tangy tamarind candy to top it all off. You have to love spice and tang to get with the Diablito, but if you do you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find the snack of your dreams.

7. Coco Loco

Mexican foods

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This is literally your crazy friend in coconut form. A coconut is opened and to the coconut water is added tequila, rum, gin, pineapple juice, lime and Tajin. Once you finish drinking the craziness you get to scoop the fresh coconut flesh out to eat as a snack. It’s drinkable, edible and super tropical. This drink is so on the DL that there is no exact recipe. Start with this recipe and add whatever fruit, spicy candy, or crazy toppings you want. Get cray!

8. Raspados

Mexican foods

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Raspados are like shaved ice on steroids. Choices range from your basic flavors of vanilla and lemon to the fruit of choice that day. Then they have any other flavors they can come up with, from jalapeño to cappuccino and anything in between. You don’t have to stick to one flavor, either. The decisions can be hard to make, so they let you pick as many flavors as you want. You will never be more excited about shaved ice. Here is a “no fuss” recipe to get your shaved ice fix.

9. Duritos

Mexican foods

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These are the everyday person’s chips. They are inexpensive to buy and also very easy to make. They are made of fried, puffed wheat and topped off with the Mexican staples: lemon, salt and hot sauce. Simple, but so good. If you feel adventurous, go out to your local Mexican market and buy the ingredients to make them yourself (instructions here) and load them up with anything you want.