In the ever-growing foodie scene that is NYC, the number of female chefs and restaurateurs is slim. Fortunately, however, in the past few years, many NYC restaurants that are proudly run by badass women have succeeded and thrived. Exploring and discovering unique cuisines and flavors, these ten badass women are changing the game for NYC restaurants. 

1. Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen is the award-winning chef and owner of Dirt Candy. A vegetable-focused restaurant, Dirt Candy features dishes that are like fresh flower and veggie gardens blossoming in your mouth. The idea of a veggie-focused restaurant may scare some off, but I promise you that Dirt Candy's plates are basically that, dirt candy: deliciously flavored and adorned natural and nourishing vegetables. 

2. Bessou 

Bessou is a true women-led powerhouse. Owner Maiko Kyogoku and executive chef Emily Yuen create dishes that infuse traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist.

3. Via Carota 

Jody Williams and Rita Sodi's love for each other inspired them to explore their shared love of food. Both women serve as co-owners and co-chefs of Via Carota, which came to life in 2014. Influenced by Rita's 17th century house in the Tuscan hills near Florence, Via Carota perfectly combines Italian elegance and homemade charm. 

4. Butter & Scotch 

Owned and operated by Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth, Butter & Scotch began as a stand at Smorgasburg and is now a feminist sugar heaven outfitted with a restaurant, bakery, and bar. Sprinkled with empowering charm, their cocktail menu includes: "Smash the Patriarchy," "Madonna, Rihanna, Ilana," and "The Williams Sisters." Most importantly, $1 from each cocktail is donated to Planned Parenthood. If you aren't sold yet, Butter & Scotch also serves homemade cheese puffs. Plus, their Instagram @drunkbakers is pure gold.

5. Dimes 

Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner bring their California sunshine to NYC's Chinatown with Dimes, their feel-good and smile-inducing restaurant. Take my word for it, every time you leave De Sousa and Wagner's digs, you will leave happier than when you arrived. With an unassuming exterior, Dimes, once you step inside, transforms from a simple storefront to a color-packed retro-eatery, boasting rich tastes and incredible flavor combinations. Inspired by the art of food, De Sousa and Wagner serve seasonal organic dishes, bringing healthful plates to the mainstream market. If they haven't done enough already, De Sousa and Wagner also sell their own line of 100% organic apothecary products, including a life-changing lip balm.

6. Balaboosta

Husband and wife team Stefan Nafziger and Einat Admony opened Balboosta to bring true Israeli cuisine to NYC. Inspired by Admony's roots, the pair serves organic wines from the regions where their ingredients originate. In addition to working as the head chef at Balaboosta, Admony also serves as head chef of her two other Middle Eastern-inspired restaurants, Taim Falafel and Bar Bolonat. Admony focuses on the importance of balancing rich flavors with delicious and nutritious ingredients to create unique dishes that represent her roots in Israel.

7. Cosme

Daniela Soto-Innes, Cosme's chef de cuisine, or executive chef, creates one-of-a-kind dishes inspired by “finding the secret life in each ingredient.” Cosme is one of those unique NYC restaurants that you must go to at least once in your life. You'll never forget the first bite of the freshly baked homemade tortillas, while sipping on a refreshing Chica De Humo cocktail. 

8. Sadelle's 

What began as Melissa Weller selling her own hand-rolled bagels at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn turned into the fabulous and famous Sadelle's that we know and love today. Weller's chopped salads are second-to-none, and her stacks of bagels are extremely epic. In fact, Sadelle's is the perfect place no matter what meal it is. Plus, you may even be lucky enough to dine amongst the likes of Aziz Ansari and Gwyneth Paltrow.

9. Lilia 

Head chef and owner of Lilia, Missy Robbins is a true rockstar. Winner of two separate Michelin Stars for her work as executive chef at A Voce, Robbins has created a truly distinctive Italian getaway in the heart of Brooklyn. With pillow-like pastas carefully coated in rich creamy sauces, Lilia is the gem of Brooklyn.

10. Good Enough to Eat 

Carrie Levin owns and serves as head chef of this mouth-watering, not to mention instagram-friendly, eatery that she has been operating since its beginnings in 1981. With plates that are literally almost too beautiful to eat, Good Enough to Eat dishes out the perfect array of timeless American comfort food, from breakfast favorites to classic dinner specials.

No matter what meal it is or where in New York City (or Brooklyn) you are, there is most definitely the perfect spot to munch on delicious delicacies while supporting amazing local women-run businesses. Let's get eating!