Ann Arbor is home to many great restaurants, many of which can be a bit expensive. But if you go to the right places, you'll find there are lots of cheap options available. Here are 10 meals under 10 dollars that I found in Ann Arbor.

Belly Deli - Spicy Chicken Belly Sammy ($8.50)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

This sandwich wasn't that spicy, but delicious nonetheless. The chicken was tender and flavorful and the sandwich was decently sized considering the price. This should be a go-to for anyone living in University Towers or anywhere near South University Avenue.

Noodles & Company - Cauliflower Rigatoni ($7.50)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

You definitely get a large serving for the price you pay, but the pasta could have used more sauce, and there weren't enough toppings for the amount of pasta served. This meal is probably better for someone who's really hungry and looking for a large portion of food for a good price.

Sava's - Black Bean Wrap ($9.00)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

This is my go-to whenever I'm at Sava's. Most of the other meals on their menu are a lot pricier, but their Sandwiches and Burgers section tends to be cheaper. If you're craving meat, they have a turkey burger and a chicken breast sandwich, both priced at $10. 

Wilma's - Acai Bowl ($9.00)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

Wilma's acai bowls are without a doubt the best in Ann Arbor. They're thick, flavorful, and loaded with toppings. They can get expensive if you add premium toppings, but the plain acai bowl is a very reasonable $9.00 and still includes a hearty amount of granola and fruit. 

Frita Batidos - Frita with an Egg ($9.75)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

While not the most photogenic sandwich, Frita Batidos never fails to deliver in flavor. I always get the black bean frita with a fried egg, but they're all $8.50 initially and $1.25 per topping. There's a reason the line is always so long, and it's because it really is that good. Toppings add up, so if you're trying to be frugal, stick to a single patty and one topping.

Snap Custom Pizza - Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza ($7.99)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

Yes, you read that right. You get a whole pizza for $7.99, and every bite is pure gold. Every signature pizza is $7.99, but the Mac 'N' Cheese is my favorite. It's rich, satisfying, and very cheesy. All their pizzas are worth trying though, so I recommend you grab some friends and order a bunch to share.

Salads Up - Heapin' Harvest Bowl ($8.65)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

If you're in the mood for something healthier, Salads Up does have some reasonably priced options. Nonetheless, these salads tend to not have as many toppings as the others. Overall, this was a decent salad and definitely provided me with a much needed dose of vegetables. However, it didn't fill me up as much as I would have liked.

Totoro - Special California Roll and Miso Soup ($7.49)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

For those who are more thrifty, Totoro has many classic rolls each around $5.00-$7.00. If you're in the mood to splurge, they also have an extensive selection of speciality rolls. Either way, there's something for every type of sushi-lover. 

Ama Bistro - Greek Skillet ($10.00)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

Ama Bistro is a lesser know restaurant right across Sava's with all day breakfast (a perfect excuse to eat breakfast for any meal). The food is pretty standard, but the portions are large, so you can get two meals out of one. For this particular dish, the hash browns were a bit soggy, but other than that it was good. If you're very hungry and in the mood for breakfast food, this is the place for you.

Joe's Pizza - Cheese Pizza ($3.00-$6.00)

Sophie Mohindra-Green

Joe's Pizza is a staple for anyone who spends way too much time in the Ugli (me!). It's quick, delicious, and only $3.00 per slice. The line can sometimes get a bit long, but usually it moves pretty quickly. If you're impatient and need good pizza, Joe's is the place to be.

The Winner

Clearly, there are many good, cheap food options available in Ann Arbor. There are, however, some that boast a better value than others. Of all the meals I ate, the one that stood out to me was Snap Pizza. The pizza came out quickly, I could customize it if I wanted to, and the portion was huge, so I got to take home leftovers. I highly recommend Snap to any pizza lover or broke college student; I know I'll be coming back for more!

If you're still looking for more cheap eats try checking out this article.

f you're still looking for more cheap eats try checking out this article.