As a college student, eating delicious food that's also affordable food can seem impossible, almost as impossible as that problem set you have to do. But never fear! In no particular order, this list brings together some of the best cheap eats in Ann Arbor where you'll definitely get the best bang for your buck.

1. Chela's

Chela's tacos contain just a few simple ingredients, but they are packed full of flavor and just two tacos are enough to fill you up. Among the different taco fillings available are chorizo, barbacoa, and even tilapia! If you're a fan of spice, head over to the fridge and grab any of their homemade salsas at no extra cost. Not in a taco mood? Tortas and quesadillas are just a few of the other menu items.

Address: 307 5th Ave

What to order: 2 barbacoa tacos topped with your salsa of choice ($5.00)

2. Fleetwood Diner

Open 24/7, Fleetwood Diner is the place to go for breakfast all day, every day. The diner has a 60's feel, so you'll feel like you've gone back in time as you chow down on their signature Hippie Hash, full of homemade hash browns mixed with veggies and topped with feta. Other breakfast options include a variety of omelets and pancakes. Fleetwood has more than breakfast food like burgers, milkshakes, or some traditional Greek food.

Address: 300 S Ashley St

What to order: The original Hippie breakfast ($8.39) or homemade corned beef hash ($8.59)

3. Jerusalem Garden

Jerusalem Garden has been in Ann Arbor since 1987 and serves up some of the best Middle Eastern cuisine. Their hummus will be the only hummus you'll ever want again once you've tried it (I'm not kidding). Aside from hummus, there's a great variety of dishes, like a chicken shwarma sandwich or grape leaves, so you can discover something new every time you're there. The sides are so generous that a couple of them could even be a meal if you can't choose just one dish! Best of all, the staff is friendly and the food always comes out quick.

Address: 314 E Liberty St

What to order: Falafel plate with a side of fattoush salad ($8.50)

4. Elevation Burger

Satisfy your fast food craving with a 100% organic, grass-fed, free-range beef burger from Elevation Burger! You order the type of burger you want—they have beef, veggie, and also chicken breast—then customize it with a variety of free toppings like lettuce, caramelized onions, or jalapeños. Toppings like bacon and oven-glazed mushrooms are available too but come at an extra cost. Complement your burger with their french fries, which are fried to order in heart-healthy olive oil, or a shake.

Address: 529 E Liberty St

What to order: The Elevation Burger with your toppings of choice and a side of fries ($9.00)

5. Potbelly

There are so many places to get a sandwich here in A2, but Potbelly is above the rest. The restaurant has a cozy, neighborhood vibe and local musicians perform during lunchtime nearly every day of the week. No matter how many times you visit, the sandwiches will always be of consistent quality with the same deliciously fresh ingredients, like their hot peppers, which are not to be missed! After your meal, you'll want to grab some hot peppers to take home, so it's great that they are available for sale. Finally, be on the look-out for special sandwich offerings like BBQ pulled pork, Cuban, and cheesesteak!

Address: 300 S State St

What to order: the original roast beef sandwich with hot peppers and other toppings of your choice ($5.70) or the skinny mushroom melt with your choice of toppings ($4.25)

6. Seoul Street 

Rather than kicking back and watching the game with Kentucky Fried Chicken on game day, try some Korean fried chicken from Seoul Street! Biting into this super-duper crispy fried chicken goodness coated in your choice of glaze—hot & spicy or soy garlic—is even more satisfying than a touchdown. Each made-to-order batch of fried chicken comes with either corn salad or pickled radish. Larger orders allow you to mix and match wings, thighs, drums, and even boneless strips to satisfy everyone at the tailgate.

Address: 1771 Plymouth Rd, Suite 101

What to order: 8-piece Wings coated in the Hot & Spicy glaze with a side of pickled radish ($9.00)

7. PoCai

PoCai opened its doors just this summer and is the perfect place for a quick on-the-go meal. Pick up a poke bowl of tuna, salmon, or tofu drizzled with their homemade Ponzu sauce and topped with their flavor-packed, texture-filled garlic crunch. Other classics like their avocado toast and acai bowl and are must-tries, too. They recently started offering delivery, so now there's no excuse to not taste PoCai's unique handheld-healthy dishes!

Address: 1232 Packard St

What to order: medium poke bowl with tuna ($9.00)

8. HopCat

These fries are ranked in the top ten french fries in America by Food Network, so they are not to be missed!  HopCat's Crack Fries are beer-battered, deep fried, the seasoned in their signature cracked black pepper seasoning. Go out with a group of friends on a Fry-day and take your pick from their classic Crack Fries, Vladimir Poutine, Loaded Crack Fries, or Sloppy Crack Fries. Crack Fries are as addicting as they are well-seasoned, so be warned!

Address: 311 Maynard St

What to order: your Crack Fries of choice! ($6.00-$9.00)

Are you feeling hungry yet? I hope the answer is yes! Here's a quick and easy way to silence your grumbling tummy: grab a bite at any one of these cheap eats in Ann Arbor that will fill you up but not drain your wallet!