It's 3 am, and you're starving. Whether you're studying for a Biology midterm or you've been out at Chi-Di too long, sometimes you really just need a late-night snack (we've all been there, no judgement). As expert on both the drunchies and late-night study hunger, I compiled a list of late-night food options in D.C. that will satisfy your cravings (almost) any hour of the day.

1. Surfside Taco Stand

Located in Glover Park and Dupont, Surfside is everything you could want in a late-night taco stand. The tacos are authentic, filling, and reasonably priced. If you like fish, go for the Maui.

2. DC Diner

This 24/7 diner in Adams Morgan has everything you could ever want. Their menu is extensive enough that there will be something to please every member of your party, no matter what time of day, but I recommend the loaded breakfast tots.

3. Grand Trunk

This Asian-Fusion restaurant in Penn Quarter can accommodate any spice level. Plus, their service is really fast, which is ideal when its 2 am and you literally can't wait any longer to get your hands on some tikka

4. Osman and Joe's Steak 'n Egg Kitchen

french fries, sauce
Maria Wang

This place in Tenleytown is just as no-frills as its name. They specialize in burgers and breakfast food, so can you really go wrong?

5. Amsterdam Falafelshop

Open until 2:30 am, Amsterdam Falafelshop is a great and unique option for late night eating. With three locations in D.C., you can get late-night falafel anywhere.

6. Jumbo Slice

Jumbo Slice in Adams Morgan is open until 3 am, and look at the size of those slices. You can't beat a massive slice of pizza when you're hungry and it's late. I'm personally a fan of the classic pepperoni - it's spicy, greasy, and everything you could want in a late-night snack.

7. Thomas Sweet

Open until midnight on the weekends, Thomas Sweet in Georgetown is my favorite late-night food place. Their portions are huge and they have an incredible array of toppings. Oh, and their cookies taste like legitimate cookie dough. Amazing.

9. &pizza

&pizza just opened up a Georgetown location that's open til 4 am on the weekends, and it is incredible. You pick your sauce, cheese, and toppings, and they cook it right there for you in about 2 minutes. They also have a ton of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, so it works for everybody.

9. Crepeaway

Open until 3 am on Thursdays and 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays, Crepeaway on L Street is a great place for late-night sweets (they clearly love their Nutella). 

10. Wiseguy NY Pizza

New York pizza is the best kind of pizza, without a doubt. That's why I was so excited when I saw that D.C. has an authentic New York pizza joint that's open for late-night eating. I recommend the classic cheese, but they have more inventive flavors like the chicken ranch and buffalo chicken pictured above.

Next time you get the midnight munchies, check out one of these ten places for amazing food at (almost) any hour of any day.