I have learned two things from living with roommates from Long Island: one, don't argue that New York drivers are worse than Connecticut drivers and, two, don't say that their bagels and pizza are mediocre. My roommates, who call Long Island home, consider these ten places to be the "Holy Grail of L.I." 

My Hero

According to my roommates, My Hero is the place to be when home for break, but expect a giant line on Saturdays. The Chicken Club was a highly recommended sandwich and according to my roommate, Emily, "you will not be disappointed". The Champ is another highly recommend option and my roommate, Lauren, mentioned "do not be afraid to get the works with The Champ." They are unfortunately closed the entire month of January and are open Tuesday-Saturday. 

All American Drive In

In this 60's vibe drive-in, there are burgers, french fries, and milkshakes galore are here. Featured on the Travel Channel, All American Drive-In is the perfect place for college kids "ballin' on a college budget". Being the only drive-in on Long Island and with the prices of McDonalds, but the food quality of Shake Shack (can I get an Amen), All American is a place that can't be beat.

Umberto's of New Hyde Park

Having being featured on Food Network, and being the original Umberto's, you could say this pizzeria is poppin'. You wouldn't be wrong because unlike other pizza places where they have to reheat a slice of pizza, Umberto's has a constant line making the chefs make pizza constantly, giving a hot, fresh slice to every customer.

Bagel Cafe

With all the hype about Long Island bagels, I decided to ask my roommates why are they the best of the best. One of my roommates said: “Our bagels are better because of our water”. Whether that is true or just a myth, I am not going to argue and just go with it. For Bagel Cafe, the hype is most definitely there. Expect to wait about 15 minutes order, but if you don't have time, there are other Bagel Cafes scattered around L.I. 

Lauren prefers scrambled eggs with salt and pepper on an everything bagel, so try that if you're interested. My roommate from New Jersey begs to differ with L.I. having the best bagels, saying her home state has the best. Well, may the best bagel state win.

Dough Hut

Dough Hut is a little hole in the wall place located near the beach that makes their doughnuts fresh daily and the menu is never the same. Some days they have a fruity pebble doughnut and some days they don't. I guess you could say, it's all in the surprise.


Serving Breakfast and Lunch, Brownstones seems to have a selection for everyone. A highly recommended breakfast item was their French Toast Bites and honestly, they sound delicious. They have a new location, so why not hit up both locations and get two orders of French Toast Bites.

Witches Brew

With a mystical vibe to it, Witches Brew is the place to get coffee. Home to mismatched furniture and open until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, Witches Brew even has a buttload of vegan options. So go and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, but don't get too mystified. 

Bubba's Burrito Bar

If you're looking for something to fill you up for the next three days, Bubba's Burritos Bar is the place for you. The burritos are the size of your head and it is basically Chipotle on steroids. Let the menu speak for itself, one of my roommate's fave burritos is the Brotato (pictured above) with marinated steak, fried potatoes, onion rings, cheese, and bacon in a bayou sauce. Food coma for days, yo. 


Brunch! Brunch! Brunch! Located in Patchauge, Jam is the place to be for brunch. And what's better than brunch? Nothing, nothing is better. They have savoring omelettes and are home to Cinnamon Bun French Toast, sign me up. 


This retro ice cream place is the place to be to quench those ice cream cravings. Their "go all out" menu item is the Kitchen Sink (pictured above), which is a challenge, in which you need to finish ten scoops of ice cream, any three toppings, two sliced bananas, waffle wedges, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries, all in a hour or under. If you complete the challenge, you win a t-shirt, your picture on the wall of fame, and you get to keep the kitchen sink. My roommates said the Birthday Cake Surprise is what you want to order, so don't mind if I do. 

I don't know about anyone else, but I am going to take my wonderful roommates' suggestions and I'm going to make them take me to all of these places. Maybe, I'll end up swearing by their heavenly bagels and pizza, but we'll see.