We all know what its like to be a poor college kid with an expensive taste in food. So, for those of you that feel the pain that comes with this, here's a list of Chapel Hill restaurants you will be sure to love that you should save for when your parents come to town (with their wallets!)

1. Elements

Olivia Clark

The go-to restaurant for the asian fusion cuisine of your dreams. With an extensive menu of indescribable meals and a special sushi menu only available on weekends, this is probably one of the best meals you can have in the area. 

2. Elaine's on Franklin

Conveniently located, Elaine's is the perfect nice restaurant to take the family to. The menu consists of many traditional American foods with bold flavors to give each and every one a unique and delightful taste. 

3. Tandem

Lindsay Larkin

Located in Carrboro, Tandem takes an incredible take on American cuisine. The menu changes frequently, so going for dinner every time your parents come in town is certainly acceptable. 

4. Venable Rotisserie Bistro

Lydia Eisenbeis

Another Carrboro favorite, Venable certainly never disappoints. With a wide array of delectable options, it has something for even your pickiest little sibling. And make sure to try it for brunch, too!

P.S. The sweet potato gnocchi is to-die-for.

5. Bin 54 Steak and Cellar

Make the short trip down Raleigh Road for the steak of a lifetime accompanied by potatoes more whipped than I knew was possible. Pick your preparation style and some sides to share and then sit back and wait, probably impatiently, for the most mouth-watering meal.

6. 411 West Italian Cafe

Olivia Clark

An incredible Italian Restaurant right on Franklin! 411 West serves authentic Italian cuisine that you won't be able to get enough of. From the meat to the pasta, every bite is a delight. 

7. The Carolina Inn

St Clair Morrison

Right in the heart of Chapel Hill, The Carolina Inn isn't just famous for the free cookies at the front desk (although they are the best cookies you'll ever have). The Carolina Inn is the perfect place to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is just across the street from campus, so take Mom and Dad on game day!

8. Acme Food & Beverage Co

Olivia Clark

For brunch and dinner, Acme has undeniably been a Carrboro staple since 1998. With a large list of options covering all ends of the spectrum, you could come for every meal and get something different. And don't forget dessert, because their's is heavenly  

9. Kitchen 

Just down the street from Franklin, Kitchen is the perfect restaurant to go to while staying clear of the hustle and bustle of campus. This French-bistro style restaurant is never less than perfect with small and main plates you can't get enough of. I recommend splitting several small ones, so you can get a little taste of everything the kitchen has to offer. 

10. Lantern

Yes, this is another asian fusion restaurant, but it's also another can't-miss one on the list. And if you need further persuasion than my own recommendation, just check out the 2011 James Beard Award winners list, because it's on there. 

Now these 10 restaurants are only a small selection of all of the incredible Chapel Hill restaurants that are worth a post. Luckily, you have four years of Mom and Dad coming to visit... and pay.