The sun is peeking through the clouds, the flowers are starting to bloom and its beginning to look a lot like spring. spring is arguably the absolute best season in Amsterdam, mainly because all the trendy cafés and restaurants emerge from hiding and arrange their outdoor seatings. You could say knowing where the best waterside terraces in Amsterdam are located is almost necessary whether you're just visiting or are a local. 

There is no better way to spend your day lounging on a terrace, doing some work and enjoying a coffee with that authentic, and beautiful Amsterdam water view. In honour of Spring and new experiences, check out some of the best terraces with a water view in Amsterdam. 

1. Hannekes Boom

A student favourite, Hannekes Boom is known for its cool 'shack' look and its ideal location, close to Amsterdam Central Station and surrounded only by water. You might not know that they throw some great BBQ's in the evening in the late Spring, early Summer. 

2. Edel

Located in Amsterdam West, Edel Café is inside an old and historic vocational school building from the 1920's that was redesigned to have a vintage, cozy feel to it. Oh, and did I mention the huge terrace literally located on the canals with the absolute best view of them? 

3. Plekk

Located in Amsterdam Noord, Plekk is a great place to hang out once the weather gets warmer. Not only is there plenty of space and different seating arrangements to choose from but you are right by a small beach, with a very scenic view of the entire city.

4. Roest

Roest is arguably one of the best places to relax on a sunny day in Amsterdam. Although the view isn't really a 'view', it is still by the waterside, with many party boats coming in from time to time. Roest is also known for hosting many different types of events, ranging from food festivals or markets to art shows and exhibitions. 

5. Café de Ceuvel

Café de Ceuvel is hidden in Amsterdam Noord and a funky spot to hang out in, considering the very environmentally-friendly, sustainable approach that the cafe takes on. Not to mention, you have a great view into some of the more impressive houseboats in the area. 

6. Waterkant

Known by many, Waterkant is one of the hotspots in the city for a great view of the canals. Not only do they have great Gin and Tonics and selection of beers, but they also have tasty Surinamese snacks to go along with your drinks. 

7. Café de Jaren

Café de Jaren is difficult to miss. A two-story traditional Amsterdam building with a wooden deck literally right on the water–this is your new study place. Make sure to get in a little earlier because those outside seats are very popular. For lunch, you should opt for the sandwich selections.

8. EYE

For all those who want to combine a museum visit or cinema visit with a bite to eat, some drinks and a great view on the city, the EYE café is the place for you. The café gets a lot of afternoon sun and is open for lunch and dinner. If you're feeling like dessert, do yourself a favour and order their cheesecake.

9. Cafe de Sluyswacht

Arguably located in one of the best parts of town, the Jordaan,  Cafe de Sluyswacht has a large back and front terrace on the water. Built in 1695, this café was once a house of the "lock keeper", the man in charge of letting boats in an out of the canals. 

10. Brouwerij't IJ

Located in the East of Amsterdam, the windmill is not only a famous landmark but also a great place to grab some beers and little snacks (traditional Dutch cheese and bloedworst anyone). Did you know that the Brouwertij't IJ also has a world-famous beer cap collection in their basement?

Hopefully this list inspires you to do some exploring, whether you're only visiting or living here. And when I mean exploring, I of course also mean trying lots of different things on their respective menu's.