One of the many great things that Amsterdam has to offer is the wide variety of food markets in and around the city. Not only are the majority of them open throughout the entire week, but there are also weekly pop-up markets. With Spring just around the corner, make yourself familiar with some of the best Amsterdam food markets below. 

1. Albert Cuyp Market 

Situated in the hip area of De Pijp in Amsterdam, the Albert Cuyp Market is one of the biggest and well-known Amsterdam markets. It has over 300 stalls filled with everything from Dutch cheese, fruit, vegetables, seafood, spices, and even clothes or cosmetics.

It's mostly renowned for having the best stroopwafels in the city. The Stroopwafel stand makes these Dutch delicacies fresh for you on the spot. They consist of two thin waffles stuck together with a caramel centre|–it's a must try if you're a new-comer or even a local. 

You can find the Albert Cuyp Market hustling and bustling everyday of the week except for Sundays. 

2. Dappermarkt

Dappermarkt is a busy market, situated in the East of Amsterdam. It's great for finding cheap produce, fish, and is also surrounded many local cafés and lesser-known restaurants of Amsterdam. Due to its ethnic and diverse street vendors, the market offers is best for finding many authentic products from areas like Surinam, Morocco and Turkey. It was dubbed one of the top ten stands for shopping streets in the world. Dappermarkt is open Monday-Saturdays. 

3. Nieuwmarkt 

Although Nieuwmarkt isn't very well known for their food selection, it is still worth mentioning just because it is in a part of town that is vibrant, energetic and has a lot of surrounding cafes and restaurants. Just East of the Red Light District, Nieuwmarkt is not only interesting in the daytime, but also a very vibrant part of Dutch Nightlife.

Just like any other biological market you can find fresh breads and pastries, jams and condiments, fruits and vegetables every Saturday at Nieuwmarkt. Because of its location you definitely will not miss out on any typical Dutch delicacy! 

#SpoonTip: From May to October you can also catch the antique market every Sunday from 9-5. 

4. Foodhallen

A huge indoor food specific market, the Foodhallen should actually be on top of this list because of the simply amazing food choices. Some of the stalls worth checking out are: De Ballenbar, Maza, and Meneer Temaki (their special hand-rolled sushi). If you're arriving with less of an appetite, you can also enjoy drinks from their Gin & Tonic Bar. 

Not only does it offer food to buy on-the-go but it is also a great place for lunch and dinner. They even offer weekly entertainment nights with live music and performances. On Sundays-Thursdays it's open from 11:00-11:30 pm and Fridays-Saturdays 11:00-1:00 am. 

5. Noordermarkt Farmer's Market

Noordermarkt is in one of the most beautiful parts of town, the Jordaan, every Saturday during the year. As a farmer's market, it is well known for its large variety in organic foods, including meat and cheese, as well as fresh herbs and olive oil. If you love cheese then all the free samples will have you going back every Saturday just for that. If you're feeling adventurous, you must try the Dutch Nieuwe Haring. The salted herring pairs nicely on its own with pickles and onions or you can enjoy it in a bread roll. 

#SpoonTip: Make sure to return on Mondays at the same location for a clothing market full of boutique-quality finds at a cheaper price. 

6. Pure Markt

Many of you might have not heard about this market, but that's probably because it is never held in one particular spot. In fact, Pure Market is known as Holland's travelling food market. Over half of their stalls are food-related but you can also keep an eye out for the clothes and get yourself some vintage finds. 

Pure Markt has got a wide array of international cuisines, such as American baked goods, olive oil straight from Italy, Dutch foods, and Asian Fusion. It can often be found in areas like the Amstelpark, Beatrixpark, and Park Frankendael which is situated right in Amsterdam East. Have a look at the agenda to know where it will be next.

Markets have been around in Amsterdam even before they got trendy. Filled with food, cheap items and second-hand clothes, they are the perfect weekend activity with friends, or place to go for quick fresh produce.