Almost every dining experience has something in common besides the food, and that’s a photo-op. Lately, a meal isn’t complete without snapping a photo or two and posting it on social media. There’s no judgment here, I’m guilty of doing the same — it’s necessary to capture the cheesiest pull and sauce-y drips (food Instagrams for the win!). On top of that, you can make a career of it. Not too long ago, Slice was looking to hire a pizza influencer. Now, Yelp is looking for its first-ever official food photographer. 

What does the Yelp food photographer job entail?

Let’s break this job posting down.

This is basically a contest. To enter, visit to apply for the role from September 7 to October 7, 2023. Winners will then be announced around the end of October.

You have to submit one entry of up to 10 unique photos of food or restaurant businesses added to Yelp pages. (See Yelp’s Support Page for steps on how to add a photo.) Plus, a 30 to 60-second video explaining why you should be Yelp’s food photographer. 

If you win (which you totally will), here are some of the benefits and things to consider.

The food photographer/winner will be awarded $10,000 to photograph great dishes. “This person will be the authority on all things phone photography, helping our audience discover their next great meal through the perfect shot,” according to the job posting.

It’s a short-term role — two months beginning December 1, 2023, and ending January 31, 2024. You’ll be visiting two restaurants a month (aka four restaurants) to create two blog posts while capturing content from local restaurants across the United States for Yelp’s social media accounts.