Today is National Slider Day at White Castle and the fast food chain is honoring the day by offering an Original Slider for free. White Castle’s National Slider Day is a celebration of the fast food chain's history and iconic impact on the fast food industry. It was introduced in May 2015 to recognize the brand’s convenient and inexpensive meals that have served generations of customers since 1921. What started as a family-owned business with no more than $700 turned into a multi-million dollar company that sold the very quaint idea of selling five-cent, small, square steamed-grilled burgers on a bed of onions.

How to get free sliders at White Castle.

This over-a-century-old food chain is offering free Original Sliders today to celebrate National Slider Day, or White Castle’s self-proclaimed holiday commemorating the slider that’s made it big in movies, music, and pop culture as a whole.

To participate, no purchase is needed. All customers need to do is present a digital coupon found on White Castle’s social media channels or use promo code “SLIDERDAY” on the app to score the deal.

"We're humbled to have always led the charge to serve up hot and tasty food at an affordable price," said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle in a press release. "Today when families follow their Crave to the Castle, no matter their income, they know they are going to be able to explore a delicious menu they can afford. It's a testament to how we've helped create memorable moments for generations of customers."

Need more reasons to claim this deal? Head to your local White Castle today while the day is still young.