If you're anything like me, you always look forward to dessert time. I mean, I do even like to begin my days with chocolate chip pancakes or chocolate croissants with my coffee order. Recently, TikTok has been popping off with ways to enjoy sweet treats at home and on the go. After all, fruity and sour candy salads took over the app in summer 2023, the cookie croissant was the it-girl of the winter, and every holiday brings new ways to upgrade those iconic Pillsbury sugar cookie shapes. However, the girlies on TikTok are combining their love of girl dinner foraging and absolute need for a "sweet little treat" to craft the dessert bowl. But what exactly makes a "dessert bowl" just that? Here's what we know about the viral mixtures taking over everyone's For You Page. 

What is a dessert bowl?

Beginning on December 5, 2023, TikTok foodie content creator Brett's Bites began sharing her near-daily dessert snack bowls.  

One thing remains the same, there is often a salty/crunchy base, such as popcorn. In her OG video, Brett then tops it with dark chocolate bark, M&M's, and a few Christmas cookies. She notes, "This is your sign to have f*ckin' dessert because life is too short, OK?"

Additionally, other dessert bowl bases may include cereal, broken-up rice cakes, or any other item that might balance out well with candy sweetness. 

Overall, TikTok users are starting to share their dessert bowl creations, including @hope_zuckerbrow who added some sweet and sour fruity candy to her popcorn and chocolate mixture.

Sure, the dessert bowl might just sound like a sweet trail mix, but these trends do promote a little self-care moment. Plus, it makes using up kitchen pantry staples and loose candy bits super fun. So, if you're in need of a sweet little treat, romanticize your night with a little dessert bowl.