One of the greatest food creations is chicken nuggets. Golden, crispy, and full of tender meat, chicken nuggets are considered a childhood favorite (dino nuggets will forever be the best ones out there). But I’d argue it’s a great option for any age group. No matter your age, it's hard to pass up a chicken nugget — especially an order of chicken nuggets from a fast food chain. Wendy’s is upping its chicken nugget game with Nuggs Party Pack, which comes with 50 (!!!) all-white-meat chicken nuggets. It’s the perfect party pack to fuel late-night study sessions or ordering for yourself. 

What's the Wendy’s Nuggs Party Pack?

Starting today, May 8, chicken nugget lovers can get their hands on the Nuggs Party Pack. Essentially, the Wendy's Nuggs Party Pack is 50 all-white-meat chicken nuggets with your choice of sauces. Priced at $14.99, the party pack is available either Crispy or Spicy, however, there isn’t an option to mix the two. 

“Whether they are served up as a snack, the main entrée, part of a Biggie Bag or in bulk, Wendy’s chicken nuggets are part of some of our fans’ favorite memories, and the Nugg Love is only getting bigger with the Wendy’s Nuggs Party Pack,” said the fast food chain in its blog.

Wendy’s collaborated with Rashiq Zahid, the mastermind behind McBroken, to create The chicken nugget website helps fans find the nearest Wendy’s location that is offering the Nuggs Party Pack.

To celebrate the launch of the Nuggs Party Pack and the website, fans can save $3 off any purchase of $15 or more in the Wendy’s app. Plus, if ordering through the Wendy’s app on a Wednesday, fans can get a free six-piece chicken nuggets with any purchase. This deal will be available every Wednesday.