Y'all, football rivalries are a little intense. Sometimes they get so intense that one team will perform a horrific mukbang feast of the rival team’s namesake. You may be thinking right now, “literally what does that even mean?” Well, dear reader, let me explain it to you.

It comes down to rivalry.

The football teams for the University of Alabama and the University of South Florida are rivals in the college football-o-verse. Both teams are part of the SEC (Southeastern Conference for those who aren’t initiated) and have been rivals since 1992, when the two teams competed in a championship game against each other.

University of Alabama served an alligator before the game.

But enough with the background info. Let’s get into the meat of the story, just like how the players of Alabama got into the meat of an alligator. You read that right. In some sort of strange manifestation ritual or perhaps a form of cannibalistic-adjacent intimidation, Alabama’s Crimson Tide chowed down on a cooked up alligator before the big game on September 16. An X post (CW for this link: animal harm) by Mike Rodak, a journalist in Alabama, featured an entire roasted alligator (not just the meat, which would be less horrific) from Jaylen Key’s, a player for Alabama, Instagram story from September 12 with the words “Folks got a whole gator in here😂😂”

I think we can all agree that this is a little bonkers. Now, not to knock eating gator. I’m down to try anything at least once, and alligators are probably a good source of meat considering how many of them there are in the south. Apparently alligator meat is a delicacy in Alabama. But alligators themselves are illegal to hunt, so the meat must be shipped in from somewhere it’s legal. I wonder how many of them enjoyed it honestly.