It has become second nature to accept the weird and unusual trends that come across our computer and phone screens everyday. One new food trend that took over the internet is mukbang. However, what is a mukbang? And should we be paying closer attention to the trend? 

I remember randomly coming across this trend on Youtube a few years back. I was confused as to what I was being shown and immediately put off by the sounds that echoed out of my computer. 

What Is a Mukbang?

Well, to put it simply, a mukbang is when someone consumes massive amounts of food while recording themselves eat. According to Metro, the hosts of the videos "sit eating a range of foods for fans, interacting with them through the live chat." Those who watch the videos can suggest what to eat next for future videos.

The mukbang trend originated in Korea, and the fascination has made its way into the U.S. The hosts of these mukbang videos are actually able to make a living off of the binge eating lifestyle. 

Most people seem to be on-board with the mukbang lifestyle. Whether it is to try something new, or due to actual interest, there are copious amounts of videos taking over the internet. Most videos reach about a million views.

Should You Be Watching Mukbang?

Is the mukbang trend really for you? Well, according to Metro, "some fans simply crave the company of eating with someone else through a screen, others use the videos to change their own relationships with food." Some viewers watch only because the host is eating something that they no longer can, either due to an allergy or something else. 

However, if you are not a fan of hearing people eat, like myself, mukbang is probably not for you. Since you are sitting there watching someone eat, your senses become heightened, and you are able to clearly hear every mouth noise. While some may enjoy it, others might not.

Regardless, give a video a try and see what you think. Mukbang might be what we have to work with until the next big food trend comes along. You never really know what it might entail.