Sometimes ordering food is the best option if you’re craving something specific, got swamped with school work, or just don’t want to cook. Food delivery apps were a lifesaver when I forgot to pack lunch for a long school day ahead or left an 8 p.m. class starving. However, that lifesaver did add up money-wise, especially for a semi-broke college student. Uber has realized the same, now launching Uber One for students. The Student Uber One Plan offers the same great savings at half the price for college students.

What is the Student Uber One Plan?

Essentially, this membership program is the same as the Uber One membership, but half off. The membership will be $4.99 per month or $48 per year.

This isn’t the only perk for students. In addition to the member discount, the delivery app is also offering students exclusive perks with Starbucks, Taco Bell, and Domino’s. Here are the details:

At Starbucks, students can enjoy an afternoon pick me up with 5% off all in-app orders daily from 12 to 6 p.m. and score a free Refresher beverage every Monday after spending $15 or more.

At Taco Bell, students will get 5% off all in-app orders every day and be able to treat themselves to a free soft taco every Tuesday after spending $20 or more.

At Domino’s, students will also get 5% off all in-app orders daily. Plus, students will also get free (!!!) pepperoni stuffed cheesy bread every Wednesday with a $20 or more purchase.

What else is new in the Uber Eats app?

Aside from Uber One for students, discovering new food spots just got easier with Uber Eats Lists. Send, and receive, food recommendations from your besties with Lists — a great way to keep track of all your go-to spots and spots you want to try.

Uber Eats is also partnering with Costco. Planning barbecues, pool hangs, and long weekends at the beach with your besties just got easier. For more savings, Costco members will be able to purchase an annual Uber One membership at 20% off.