Popcorn is the ultimate movie snack — err — trailer snack. (Who of us hasn't consumed the whole bucket before the lights dimmed?) Additionally, it's a fabulous study snack, road trip snack, fall seasonal snack, sweet treat, and now, by TikTok's design, a birthday cake-flavored dessert. Of course, TikTok is always constantly upping the game when it comes to food innovations. After all, many social media users found the Parisian cookie croissant and even leveled up that pastry. So, you might be wondering: How do you get birthday cake-flavored popcorn? With birthday cake boxed mix, of course! While cake-flavored popcorn has existed since the dawn of snack toppings, this marshmallow-laced recipe has taken off on the platform beginning in winter 2024. So, how can you make cake mix popcorn? Here's what we know.

How do you make birthday cake-flavored popcorn with a cake mix?

Beginning in January 2024, Kerlovich Kitchen popped off, no pun intended, on TikTok with her Rice Krispies Treats popcorn. While this is basically a deconstructed popcorn ball, many users were taken aback by this simple idea and made the butter-mallow mixture to pour over their salty popcorn. 

Of course, Nara Smith added her twist to the TikTok treat by adding cinnamon to her mixture, which took off on the app, too.

However, one marshmallow treat variation has completely consumed my, and perhaps your For You Page, the cake batter popcorn. While this is not a new recipe, TikTok loves to revive mixtures that deserve the hype all over again. 

TikTok user Broma Bakery offers a very thorough walkthrough of the recipe. After popping your own or emptying a bag of your favorite popcorn into a bowl, set aside and begin heating up a large saucepan.

Melt 1/2 cup butter into your pan followed by 1/2 cup of boxed vanilla cake mix. (Many users loved using Funfetti options.) After making sure there's no leftover raw flour, add in a bag of marshmallows and melt. 

Pour the mallow mixture over your popcorn and top with sprinkles. Of course, feel free to experiment with an extra pinch of salt, cookie crumbles, or whatever else your heart desires.