Rosie Grant’s TikTok channel, @ghostlyarchive, housed a whole slew of videos that detailed the unique histories of lesser-known haunted houses and cemeteries. In her videos, she explained everything from old Hollywood scandals and Salem witch trial curses to tales of house ghosts with a penchant for stabbing, all while displaying visuals of the spooky locations for viewers. Given that she’s training to become an archivist, this historical bent makes sense. However, Grant’s foray into gravestone recipes started because of Annabell Gunderson. You see, Gunderson’s gravestone doubles as a snickerdoodle recipe. Although this might sound a bit strange, there’s actually a long history of recipes getting etched onto gravestones.

The discovery of Annabell’s gravestone started an epic adventure for Grant, who initially went viral in October 2022. Grant’s resurgence in popularity supported her desire to travel across the country in search of more tombstone recipes (fingers crossed…she’s working on a gravestone cookbook). As a little taste of Grant’s diligent archival efforts, I've included five of the gravestone recipes below. Finally, you can enjoy some tasty dishes while honoring the dead.

Annabell's Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles and I have a long and violent past, but this recipe looks so scrumptious I’ll give it a go.

Naomi Miller-Dawson’s Spritz Cookies

Don’t worry. Grant explained where to find the cookie shape maker. And no, it’s not the thing you use to make Play-do spaghetti, as I originally thought.

Kay Andrew’s Fudge

Before you try this, make sure you already have your funeral arranged. I think this might kill you.

Margaret’s Blueberry Pie

This makes me want to go blueberry picking this very minute. Honestly, I would just drink the pie filling straight from the pot.

Beverly’s Meatloaf

This savory sample is a rarity in the world of gravestone recipes. Based on what Beverly’s epitaph had to say, it’s the best meatloaf you’ll ever eat.