Jennifer Lopez has finally revealed exactly what she was talking about in her viral “go-to” bodega order and that orange drink in a recent interview. 

The singer confused fans in a 2022 “73 Question” interview with Vogue when she said her go-to order at a New York City bodega was “ham and cheese on a roll with an orange drink, if you know you know.”

Turns out, we did not know. This year, the clip went viral, making many curious about what this “orange drink” exactly was. Many took to TikTok to speculate about Jlo’s order. Some even visited Bodegas to try to discover what all the hype was about.

Lopez set the record straight in an interview with Harper's Bazaar on Wednesday but could not recall the brand of her old favorite beverage.

“But the orange drink was basically… it’s just a plain orange drink,” Lopez said in the interview. “It came in a little plastic container with a little bit of aluminum foil over it. And it wasn't called anything except orange drink or grape drink or whatever.”

Although Lopez never said what brand the famed “orange drink” was, many online speculated that it was Little Hug Fruit Barrels, Sunny-D, Fanta, or Jarritos orange soda.

“And that’s why I said, ‘if you know you know,’ because you bought it in the bodega,” Lopex continued in the interview. “And I used to go after school and get that for like… I mean, this is many, many years ago, it was worth 25 cents, and I got it with a bag of potato chips. And that was like my after-school treat for myself.”

And now we know.

The singer also just unveiled a new Delola Light ready-to-drink margarita in an Instagram video. The brand carries low-calorie cocktails, including Bella Berry, L’orange Spritz, and Paloma Rosa.