Could it be true? Does a healthy butter actually exist? Does this mean we won’t have to listen to people talk about the miracles of coconut oil anymore?

Not exactly.

ghee butter

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Butter makes everything taste better. It just does. Please don’t mix plain Greek yogurt into cookie dough and tell me it tastes the same.

However, countless substitutes for butter have been tested and sworn by because butter as we know it doesn’t do your body any good.

Enter: Ghee butter.

Ghee butter has been a staple of Indian cuisine for hundreds of years. Recently it’s been gaining popularity in the States because of its supposed health benefits and strong flavor. Ghee is essentially a clarified, unsalted butter that has had all milk proteins removed.

In the hunt for the perfect oil, Ghee should be ranked at the top of your list. This clarified butter does much more than serve as a tasty spread and addition to meals. It has a higher smoke point than your run-of-the-mill butter, coconut or olive oil, making it less likely to burn up and release free radicals at high temperatures when you’re cooking.

It’s also a great source of Vitamin A and immunity-boosting fatty acids. Ever burn your hand while stir-frying some veggies? You can rub some ghee on the burn to reduce inflammation.

ghee butter

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Ghee is also believed to be a spiritual butter in India. Known as “liquid gold,” clarified butter is often used in rituals and cleansing practices like prayers, mantras, and offerings. It is traditional in Indian culture to worship cows and recognize all cow by-products as sacred.

Therefore, ghee, as a clarified form of butter, is considered part of the diet of the Gods. However, since the milk proteins in the butter are removed during the cooking process, ghee is technically dairy-free. Those with a lactose intolerance might want to join in on the worship for this one.

Another benefit of Ghee butter is its longevity. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it will last for a solid month.

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Although ghee is known to reduce inflammation and pack a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, it is still a saturated fat that should be eaten in moderation. It is a great substitution for butter for those who love butter but want to live dairy-free. Even though it’s a tasty multitasking spread, I’m afraid the hunt for the perfect oil continues.