The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan is offering way more than just massages and facials. They’re offering their visitors a unique opportunity to go for a dip in their favourite beverage. Along with some plain water pools with over-the-top themes and decorations, they also have a Sake, green tea, coffee, and wine spa. And come on, we’ve all dreamt about bathing in alcohol.


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Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it does. These baths are actually good for your body and each beverage has a unique health benefit. The Sake bath is known for being good for your skin and it helps with anti-aging. The green tea, while also having skin care benefits, has anti-oxidants that help fight tumours and strengthen your immune system. Green tea is great for your body whether you drink it or bathe in it, but bathing in it is obviously way more fun.

The coffee bath helps your body recover from fatigue and just the scent of the coffee actually helps you wake up. The red wine spa is all around rejuvenating and has an antioxidant that protects the skin from certain damages. Just like all the other spas in the resort, these special spas are beautiful as well as healthy. There’s a massive, 3.6-metre tall wine bottle in the wine bath, a giant teapot in the green tea bath, and a huge cask in the Sake bath.

Kids of all ages love the splash around in these crazy spas as you can see in the video, so it’s definitely a place you can go with the whole family. And you’ll want to come back more than once because they have a seasonal spa that changes every three months, so you never know what you’ll get the chance to bathe in. There are also quiet, more relaxing spas for a more traditional Japanese experience, but getting coffee thrown at you kinda seems like half the fun. If you’re in Japan anytime soon, let The Yunessun Spa Resort make all your dreams come true.