Many coffee lovers flock to Starbucks for their deliciously smooth espresso blends, while others praise their light, fruity refreshers as the ideal caffeine fix. But it seems that it isn’t just the beverages that keep customers flowing to this iconic coffee chain — it’s the ice. And no, this time we aren't talking about the swirling rumors that Starbucks will be charging extra for light ice and no water refreshers. This time, it's about the shape of Starbucks ice.

How is Starbucks changing their ice?

According to a May 10 Reddit post shared on the r/Starbucks subreddit, Starbucks will be rolling out a new shape of ice called "Chewblet" ice, which is described as “chewable compressed nugget ice,” similar to that found at fast food chains like Sonic. This rumor was later confirmed by Starbucks reps to This new shape and texture will be a large departure from the chain’s current ice choice of smooth, thin squares, and has sparked much online discourse about the ideal ice shape for cold drinks.

How are people feeling about the new Starbucks ice?

Some Starbucks drinkers have embraced this new ice, as the original Reddit thread was flooded with comments from users in support of the change. "They chew very easily, so very yummy," one user wrote, despite subsequent concerns about the aesthetic appeal of drinks following the new ice adoption. While there are also questions about the ice melting in drinks faster than the current shape, PEOPLE reports that Starbucks has conducted multiple tests regarding this issue, and confirmed that this is not the case.

Though the nugget ice shape has gained a “cult-like following” and appeals to many coffee drinkers, some, like one Redditor, prefer the style of ice for “sodas or just plain ice water,” or go so far as to refer to the shape as being “hospital ice.” However, the tests conducted by Starbucks yielded primarily positive responses to the new shape, with some consumers not even noticing the change.

A Starbucks representative confirmed the adoption of “chewblet” ice, telling that the coffee company is “introducing new machines that make nugget ice to select stores this year,” which “allows partners to focus on delivering the Starbucks Experience while hand-crafting the same delicious, high-quality iced beverages our customers have come to expect from Starbucks.”

Why is Starbucks changing their ice?

The decision to transition ice shapes appears to be an environmental one, as the company continues to push towards its goal of halving its water footprint by 2030. The transition, though, will be a slow, multi-year process, as Starbucks plans to prioritize stores that receive the highest volume of cold drink orders to receive the new machines first.

No matter if you embrace the new nugget beginnings or prefer the current cubes, it’s best to embrace the company’s change with open arms and open mouths. And after all, nothing can be worse than the Bumblebee cake cop.