In late May, people ordering food at Chipotle started walking out after servers gave the bare minimum amount of food. Videos of customers' food getting made are circling TikTok, and the horror of seeing only a third of the bowl filled would make even the biggest Chipotle enthusiast shed a tear. Chipotle has gotten so much backlash that the chain’s CEO came out with a statement claiming their portions have been the same amount as they’ve always been. These memes and tweets poking fun at the situation show otherwise. They might even make you want to make a burrito at home instead.

Just keep looking

Chipotle's CEO stated that “if you want more pico, all you gotta do is like-” and proceeded to give a nod. Yeah, that hasn’t seemed to work.

The song of the Chipotle CEO

Just give “a nod and a look.” We have a new song of the summer.

Practically the size of a penny

I’d prefer to be given the penny instead.

Hope you’re happy

When the Chipotle employees seem a little too okay with not adding more rice.

How convenient

Suddenly the portion sizes get better when a phone appears.

“I’m leaving here with something,” just not with the amount you ordered

When the silverware is worth more money than what you ordered

This is how you order

The villain in “Men In Black” gets it.

Trying to subtly drop a hint

Asking for more food is like asking for your weight in gold.

Me when I’m not given enough food

This is how I’m gonna order food at Chipotle.

Must be all in our imagination

Who doesn’t want their burrito to be the size of a mini Coke Zero?