Picture this: You open your eyes every morning in the week leading up to Christmas, bubbling with excitement. You rush downstairs to open a little door to an advent calendar. But this isn’t just any advent calendar filled with the conventional chocolate or beauty products. No, this is Stouffer's advent calendar (called the Comfort Calendar). And what’s behind each of the seven doors? A classic frozen meal, ready to fuel you for the rest of the fun in the holiday season. Because who doesn’t love a frozen mac and cheese dinner to enjoy in the nights leading up to Christmas.

What is the Stouffer’s Comfort Calendar?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s your typical advent calendar, except instead of being filled with tiny presents or treats, it’s filled with Stouffer’s frozen meals.

The unexpected advent calendar features seven frozen meals like mac and cheese, lasagna, chicken bacon ranch bowls, broccoli cheddar pasta bake, mashed potatoes, pizza, and more. It all comes in a charming miniature gingerbread house with a golden rooftop and windows. It’s a delightful addition to any kitchen table or shelf.

How can I get the Stouffer’s Comfort Calendar?

This exclusive Stouffer’s Comfort Calendar will be released in monthly drops throughout 2023, starting on October 2. Head to ShopStouffers.GoodNes.com. to get yours. But hurry, this advent calendar, priced at $39.99 is only available while supplies last. And something tells me supplies won’t last.