I believed in Santa for far too long (until middle school to be exact), and though I loved the red man, I had one big gripe with him. He only brought us gifts once a year. I have always viewed Christmas as a month-long extravaganza, and it was sad that Santa didn't feel the same way.

Luckily, I found advent calendars. The daily gifts satiated me until Christmas. As I've gotten older, my mom started to find it weird to buy me a basic advent calendar. So now I've taken matters into my own hands, and I've found advent calendars to fit any aesthetic.

For the Classy Drunk: Wine Advent Calendar

If you're like me, you never leave the pregame without a glass of wine and box of tissues (for when wine drunk hits you hard). This wine advent calendar is the perfect upgrade from your Franzia habit.  

For the Pampered Princess: Body Shop Advent Calendar

Do you go to the spa for weekly mani-pedis? Do you actually wash your face and take off your makeup every night? I'm impressed that you have your life together, and I also have the perfect advent calendar for you: the Body Shop Cheeky Surprises Advent Calendar

For the Chocolate Snob: Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar

My grandparents live in Germany, so I basically subsisted on Lindt chocolate as a child. If you like chocolate ( who doesn't?), there's nothing better than Lindt, and this calendar will fulfill all your chocolatey dreams. 

For the Caffeinated Queen: Coffee Advent Calendar

Do you think life would be easier if you always had an iced coffee in your hand? Do you know the difference between a light and dark roast? Order this coffee advent calendar to get a worldwide coffee experience in 24 days. 

For the Artist: Anthropologie Advent Calendar

This Anthropologie Advent Calendar is everything I want to be (but know that I could never be). If you have your shit together this Christmas season and have time to look at some beautiful illustrations, get this (and also know that I am jealous of your life).

For the Cheese Connoisseur: Cheese Advent Calendar 

I live off of Babybel cheese, but some people have better taste. For those who can tell the difference between Brie and gouda, the cheese advent calendar is perfect for you. Sadly, this internet sensation is not available for purchase until next year, but you can make your own.

For the Christmas Obsessed: Advent Sleigh

You know who you are. You've been listening to Justin Bieber's Christmas album (a truly underrated gem) since July, and you put your tree up on Black Friday. This advent sleigh will be a perfect decoration that can stick around long after December ends.  

No matter your preference, make sure you count down until Christmas in style. The best holiday of the year deserves your full attention for 25 straight days.