While you may have not scored the viral pink, sparkly Starbucks-exclusive Stanley, you can begin your year with a cool and meaningful reusable cup. The coffee chain giant just revealed their Lunar New Year lineup honoring the Year Of The Wood Dragon. The Asian holiday begins on February 10, and is marked by several traditions including wearing red for luck, decorating with red paper lanterns, attending festivals, setting off firecrackers, and eating lots of yummy food. Treats include nian gao (rice cakes), yu (fish), pineapple tarts, and more. If you're looking for a way to celebrate or are looking for cute gifts to share with friends and family, this Starbucks Lunar New Year cup line is perfect and sure to bring you a bit of luck. 

What cups are in the Starbucks Lunar New Year line?

Of course, the main focus of this year's designs is a gorgeous Wood Dragon. The venti-sized cold cup can hold 24 ounces of anything from ice water or cold brew to Diet Coke. The white dragon design wraps around the iridescent, red-hued cup with a golden scale embellishment. Each cup is available in Starbucks stores for $19.95.

Photo by Starbucks

Additionally, Starbucks is offering an iridescent white Wood Dragon mug, perfect for sipping teas, hot coffees, and even celebratory white wine, otherwise called baijiu. Each 14-ounce mug retails for $16.95.

Photo via Starbucks

Finally, Starbucks is sharing its red Year of the Wood Dragon Tumbler. This 12-ounce insulated tumbler is great for both hot and iced beverages and is available for $22.95. 

Photo via Starbucks

Plus, you can spread some good coffee fortune with the Starbucks Year Of The Dragon-designed gift card. 

What other cups are currently available at Starbucks? 

Alongside the Starbucks Lunar New Year cups, the coffee chain also just revealed their Valentine's Day lineup

Photo via Starbucks

With an array of pink tumblers, floral mugs, and color-changing reusable cups, you're sure to find the cutest gift for your Valentine, even if that means just buying one for yourself.