Interested in joining Spoon? Apply with the form below — deadline is 9/16/2016 at 5PM! We will contact you within 3 days after the deadline if you have been selected for an interview. Please email if you have questions.

In addition to the general membership application below (Google form at the very bottom of the post), please complete the supplemental applications corresponding to the position you chose and email it to

Writing Application

Who we’re looking for: Dynamic writers who have a personal voice but also have a strong grasp of the Spoon voice. People who love voicing their own opinion and are passionate about writing content that is fun, meaningful, helpful, or all of the above.

Photography Application

Who we’re looking for: People who have an eye for aesthetic and understand the basic concepts of photography. Lovers of taking photos of food (because #thecameraeatsfirst).

Video Application

Who we’re looking for: People already have knowledge and experience making videos. For what you’ll be expected to contribute, check this out.

Marketing Application

The marketing team is broken up into 4 subteams. No matter your position, we’re looking for strategy-oriented people people who have a knack for engaging via different marketing tactics.

Community Building

Who we’re looking for: Someone who’s understands how people work and how to best get people to work together in order to build a fab Spoon community. Have experience in management or leadership positions, or have taken Organizational Behavior / Social Psychology.

Bonus points if you’re willing to do anything (within reason) to spread the Spoon love. Example: one of the members of the community team said he’d dress up in a hot dog costume for us. True dedication.

Events Marketing

Who we’re looking for: Someone who is detail-oriented and able to help think of and manage all of the moving pieces behind planning, executing, and pre / post marketing for events.

Bonus points if you have experience with event planning, event marketing, or have innovative event ideas.

Public Relations

Who we’re looking for: Someone who is a people person and comfortable reaching out brands, businesses, and influencers alike. Very in the know about things that are happening in Boston and in the food world, and able to pass that knowledge on to the rest of us.

Social Media

Who we’re looking for: #SocialMediaQueensandKings. People who are constantly on Insta, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social media isn’t something just for fun; it’s a lifestyle.

Bonus points if you have a large social media following and can understand the strategy behind social.

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