In case you (somehow) missed it, Olivia Rodrigo’s second album GUTS dropped at midnight on September 8. The new album features 12 incredible tracks, including “vampire” and “bad idea right?” which dropped earlier this summer (and we’ve been playing on repeat ever since). That means there’s 10 fresh Olivia Rodrigo instant hits to enjoy, overanalyze, break down, and obsess over. Obviously, the release of GUTS demands a listening party with all your besties. And you can’t have a party without on-theme snacks and bevies.

Olivia is staying consistent with her color palette from Sour, which means purple is very much the vibe. In fact, all the waffle cones at Jeni’s ice cream scoop shops will be turning purple this weekend to celebrate GUTS release. For your convenience, here’s a roundup of the best purple snacks and drinks for a pretty-in-purple GUTS listening party.

Chips: Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos & Fuego Takis

No party spread is complete without chips. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and Fuego Takis are ideal for your GUTS listening party because they come in on-theme purple packaging and are spicy-sweet, just like Olivia (a self-proclaimed spicy pisces).

Dips: Baba Ghanoush & Barney’s Purple Hummus

What are chips without dips? Baba ghanoush may not be exactly purple, but it is made with eggplant and more importantly, it’s delicious. For a slightly more violet-toned option you can whip up Barney’s Purple Hummus, in honor of Olivia’s early roots in children’s television as the co-star of Bizaardvark. It’s a stretch, I know, but work with me here.

Candy: Hershey’s Special Dark Kisses & Grape Sour Patch Kids

Chocolate is obviously a requirement for listening to songs about heartbreak (or really anything, chocolate is always a requirement). Hershey’s Special Dark Kisses are perfect because they come in cute purple packaging and kisses are unsurprisingly a recurring theme in GUTS.

For the gummy lovers, you can put out a bowl of Grape Sour Patch Kids. They’re purple, sour, and hypothetically filled with little sour patch kid guts. Anyway…they’re also very tasty, the perfect sweet and sour fuel for your GUTS listening sesh.

Drinks: Berry smoothies, purple cocktails, & wine

Unfortunately, McDonald’s is no longer offering the lavender-hued Grimace Shake. Luckily, you can whip up your own refreshing purple bevies like the strong independent Olivianator/Rodrighoe that you are. Try this super easy four-ingredient purple smoothie with banana, blueberries, peanut butter, and milk for a refreshing treat. Or for a little protein boost, you could make Justin Bieber’s favorite protein smoothie (per Hailey), which also happens to be purple.

Smoothies are a great starter drink But let’s be real, GUTS demands some classy cocktail/mocktail action. Try this delish purple mocktail for a refreshing treat, or this tart and tasty purple lemon drop cocktail for a little more punch. And if all else fails, red wine is basically purple.