There’s nothing like ending a long workday with a scoop (or a pint, no judgment) of ice cream. Hey, every day should end with a sweet treat! Opening a pint’s seal is such a satisfying experience. No, not those plastic ones around the pint — the ones right under the lid (simply an extra step before you get to the ice cream). What better way than to elevate that experience with a message on the seal, right? Well, you tell me. According to Eater, the seals are talking to us. Some brands like Haagen Daaz just have their branding on the inner seal while other brands like Ben & Jerry’s don’t have an inner seal at all. Then you have brands like Van Leeuwen, with messages like “Good job, hands. Now it’s mouth’s turn” in their vanilla pint, as seen on the blog On Second Scoop. Talk about a message that makes you go back to re-read. So, here’s my ranking of ice cream pints' seal messages, from the cringiest to the cutest. 

Jeni’s: “Make people feel loved today"

I actually like this one. It’s uplifting. I can’t say the same for the other TikTok I found with the seal, “All for the love of you.” It strives for that heartwarming cringe that’s usually found on a Hallmark card. But, Jeni’s also has a scand-y side with a “Made to be licked, lopped, and loved” seal message, according to Eater. “Licked and lopped”...honestly, who approved that? (But if you happen to get a pint with that seal, please send it to me.)

Halo Top: “If love was ice cream, I’D BE IN IT”

This is a pretty cringe pick up line from Halo Top, but still kind of cute? I’d post it on my Instagram Story.

Oatly: limited-edition Toni Petersson signature

I had to add Oatly to this. Usually, Oatly seals have the same energy as a Snapple bottle cap fact, but more random. See this one from Dairy Free Made Simple, which describes the weather and the chances of it actually being sunny or raining when you open the pint. In this case, Oatly has some seals with the signature of Toni Petersson, the CEO of Oatly. This just leaves me thinking “okay and?” I was just expecting more. 

Alec's: “Welcome to the Regenerative Movement”

I almost feel bad throwing away this seal. I️ get where Alec’s is going with this “Welcome to the Regenerative Movement” declaration. But, the use of that tiny font isn’t the best, in my opinion. At that point, just give me a card or have a QR code somewhere.