Yes, I love those sugary, addicting candies and treats just as much as the next person. But with all those mystery ingredients and additives, switching to natural-based goodies may be the smarter move. I have compiled a list of my favorite healthy store-bought sweet treats so you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for health! 

Chocolate Goodness

For all my milk chocolate fanatics out there… I get it. Dark chocolate is the bane of our existence. But don’t shame this HU Kitchen dark chocolate until you try it… Whether salty is your jam, or something a little bit sweeter + fruitier, HU kitchen has it all. Try my favorite flavor, “Cashew butter + pure vanilla bean” for a hearty, nutty twang.

Since we are talking about chocolate, it would be unfair to not mention Honey Mama’s. For those of you who love a little sweetness with your savory, Honey Mama’s makes their chocolate with raw local honey. Try your hand at their unique flavors - Lavender Red Rose, Nibs and Coffee, and Ginger Cardamom, just to name a few. Or, stay simpler and try their CocoNoNut flavor (my fav!) for a kick of luscious coconut. And an important PSA - these delicious store-bought sweet treats are sold in the refrigerated section!

For my candy lovers...

Chocolate doesn’t do it for everybody - we get it. Give these Smart Sweets a try instead. Their motto, “Kick Sugar! Keep Candy,” rings true, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice that sweetness we all love. From Peach Rings to Sweet Fish to Sour Buddies, Smart Sweets covers all the bases. And guess what: instead of corn syrup, which is the first ingredient of most chewy candies, these goodies are made from ingredients like coconut oil and spirulina extract. This is, by far, one of my favorite store-bought sweet treats.

Ice Cream... because duh.

We’ve got chocolate covered. We’ve got candy covered. But what about that perfect late-night movie companion... the comfort food you turn to when it has been “one of those days”… yeah, you guessed it: Ice cream. Listen, there is nothing wrong with heavy cream – I’m the first to say it. But for a more wholesome option, try Luna + Larry’s Coconut Bliss ice cream, made from coconut milk and sweetened with agave syrup! They have flavors that appeal to those fruit lovers (try Raspberry Acai), the coffee fanatics (try Peruvian Mocha), and of course, my cookie dough die-hards (try Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough). Plus, Coconut Bliss is helping women in the Philippines start their own businesses. So, you can do good while you eat good.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, give The Coconut Cult’s probiotic coconut gelato a try. Their gelato contains 50 billion cfu (colony forming unit), which means aside from tasting good, it is supplying your body with healthy bacteria, too - that’s a win-win! And hey, we all know that no matter how full we may seem to be, there is always room for dessert.  

Add these delicious sweet treats to your grocery list next time you head to the store! And keep these goodies nearby, whether it is in your fridge, freezer, pantry, or even bedside table… we don’t judge. Enjoy!