Private chefs are heading back to the Hamptons for a summer of aesthetic menu planning, shopping seasonal produce, and cooking in kitchens straight out of our dreams. This niche-following has erupted on social media, with many private chefs creating content and sharing what a day in their lives looks like. Meredith Hayden, known as @wishbonekitchen on TikTok, is considered one of the original private chef creators with over 1 million followers. Although her videos now include a variety of content, we still love watching her day as she peruses her client's lush garden, shops at boutique grocery stores, and prepares gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  

Last year, TikTok creator Pamelawurstvetrini became obsessed with all the private chefs who travel out to the Hamptons for the summer. She compiled all of the creators who fall into this category last summer, and has done it again. These are some of the private chefs she recommends following this summer to appease your East Coast aspirations and get your fill of beautifully set outdoor table arrangements, garden-to-table meals, and gourmet grocery trips.

Dyanne Iandoli

Dyanne Iandoli, or dyanne.iandoli on TikTok, is one of my favorite Hampton chefs this summer. Her energy is fun but this girl seriously cooks. Her job includes cooking for not just her clients and their family, but large groups and parties they throw in the Hamptons. In true Hampton private chef fashion, in this video, she makes a trip to the farmers market, takes a trip to Citarella, and then comes back to spend the rest of her day making a beautiful meal featuring huge New York strips and elaborate charcuterie boards, all while taste testing and sipping iced coffee her client’s daughter made her. That’s what I call ‘the life.’ 

Oui Chef Julia

Ouichefjulia on TikTok stands out as one of Hampton’s best private chefs because of her client’s breathtaking kitchen. After an early morning grocery trip to pick up her produce, she heads back to her client's house to start working on the day's menu. I love watching her take cuttings of fresh rosemary from her client's yard, which she used to make a rosemary salt rub steak. AMAZING. Her videos often show her dishes served outdoors and plated beautifully for her clients, and I even love watching her clean up after a long day of cooking.

Chef Ayla Ocho

Chef Ayla Ocho is another strong contender in the battle for the best Hampton’s private chef on social media. After starting off her day with an iced coffee (obvi) she gets to work in the most gorgeous client homes and kitchens and prepares upscale recipes that seem like something I could actually handle cooking myself. I love that she uses fresh ingredients and I think her menu planning game is strong, so keep your eye on her page for more Hampton’s private chef videos this summer.


Olivia, known as livforpasta on TikTok, is a much different Hampton’s private chef than some of the others on our list. Her style is a bit more aggressive than the quiet, serene videos from some of our other chefs-to-watch, but I kind of love it. In her videos, she makes hangover food and curses her way through it, a much different vibe than the aesthetic East Coast, but I highly recommend keeping up with her journey this summer and watching some of the other amazing recipes she throws down. 

Alex Baker

Last but certainly not least, Alex Baker, or alexbakerstudios on TikTok, recently posted this video that brings us to a Hampton’s garden party bat mitzvah, and it is everything we’ve been asking for when it comes to private chef life aesthetic. She shows the hand-painted custom plates and table arrangements that are perfect for the theme, and her menu is vibrant and fresh, everything that I would imagine for the perfect outdoor meal. Her team is hilarious and it shows that they really love their jobs, and I can’t wait to see what other events she shows us from her summer in the Hamptons this year.