Calling all candy lovers! Hershey's is shaking things up by giving their iconic Reese's cups a dairy-free makeover, and we are here for it. The new plant-based Reese's Peanut Butter Cups made with oats are perfect for vegans or those who are lactose intolerant, and it's rolling out this month. 

Where Can I Find Them?

They are available at Hershey's stores, as well as Rite Aid, Target, and other similar retailers. Plus, these little cups do not have the brown wrapper like their milk chocolate counterparts, meaning less waste in landfills. 

So far, the TikTok reviews have been super positive. TikTok user @digitiallydistorted even said, "This is one bandwagon I didn’t mind joining." 

If that news wasn't exciting enough for you, you'll be thrilled to know that Hershey's is also bringing plant-based oat chocolate bars to stores in April. The new flavor Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt is sure to please candy fans. 

Photo via Rite Aid

Who Else Is Making Vegan Sweets? 

But Hershey's isn't the only candy company getting in on the plant-based game. Nestle and Mars have also started to expand their product lines to include vegan and plant-based options.

Nestle has introduced a vegan KitKat bar in Europe, while Mars recently launched a dairy-free chocolate bar called CO2COA

But what's behind this shift towards plant-based and vegan options? For starters, more and more people are adopting a plant-based or vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons. This means avoiding animal products and byproducts such as dairy, eggs, and meat. Additionally, the impact of animal agriculture on the environment has become increasingly apparent, making sustainability a major driving factor for consumers.

It's not just candy bars that are getting a plant-based and vegan upgrade. Ice cream companies such as Ben & Jerry's have launched non-dairy ice cream options, and are working around the clock to keep new flavors coming. Plus, gelato giant Talenti shared creamy dairy-free gelato desserts. 

So, the next time you're craving something sweet, why not try one of these new plant-based and vegan options? Not only will you be satisfying your sweet tooth, but you'll also be making a more ethical and sustainable choice.