With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a myriad of holiday specials ranging from red velvet cupid cakes and I-Love-You-A-Chocolot doughnuts are ushering in cutesy ways to celebrate for folks in love. After all, what’s a better way to express your love than food? Inversely though, there aren’t that many anti-Valentine food specials for the people who fell out of love and decided to wait until the day before to deliver some unfortunate news.

Luckily, Pizza Hut might help you out! Today, the company announced the launch of limited-edition Hot Honey “Goodbye Pies.”

What is a Goodbye Pie?

As part of this bittersweet promotion, the pie will feature a free custom box allowing the person ending the relationship to deliver a personalized message along with their signature. The food inside will comprise a blend of habanero-infused honey sauce on top of Double Pepperoni Pizza or tossed in some crispy wings.  

How can I get a Goodbye Pie?

To get your hands on one, simply visit GoodbyePies.com and submit a form from now through February 14. It will only be available through select locations including NYC, Chicago, and Miami while supplies last. 

With just a simple click, the delivery driver will pass along your cheesy message to your future ex. Alternatively, if you don’t want to deliver your break-up through a pizza, you could also select their “Excuse Generator” to fuel some ideas. You might also snag a gift card through their “Breakup Text” option which will draft a text for you and send a Pizza Hut gift card to your ex.

Act fast, though. Only 55 gift cards will be issued per day leading up to Valentine's Day at participating restaurants.

Why the need?

If you squint, Valentine’s Day can also act as a day of blasting your favorite Olivia Rodrigo track and inhaling that box of chocolates. Surprisingly enough, the day before Valentine’s Day hails the most break-ups known as “Red Tuesday.” The restaurant chain explained that this promotion would provide a humorous twist to the doomed Tuesday before Valentine’s Day. 

Is it a good idea? Probably not. But at least it might soften the blow with some cheesy goodness.