If you've ever seen the star-studded film Valentine's Day from 2010 featuring the likes of Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, and even a young Taylor Swift, you might remember Jessica Biel's character's famous anti-Valentine's Day party. I mean, who could forget Jennifer Garner beating the crap out of an anti-V-Day pinata? Of course, if you're not all about the hearts, truffles, and red roses of the romantic holiday, you can still "celebrate" in a totally different way. Here are some anti-Valentine's Day desserts you can craft for you and your anti-romance besties this year. 

Sassy Conversation Hearts

Of course, you can take on the classically sweet Conversation Hearts candies with some of your own anti-Valentine's Day sentiments. Whether you bake your cookies at home or grab pre-packaged and pre-frosted ones from your local grocery store bakery, all you need to complete the desserts is some icing writer tubes. You can opt for this to be a fun craft for you and all your besties or you can write them out ahead of time. Instead of "Call Me," you can write "Leave Me Alone," and instead of "UR Cute," write "I'm Hot." You can even customize with various ex's names. This is supposed to be delicious and cathartic, after all. 

Black Heart Cake

In classic Taylor Swift "Blank Space" cake fashion, this R.I.P. cake bleeds once stabbed. However, fear not, for you only need some dark icing and a heart-shaped cake to make this dessert, Similar to the sassy Conversation Hearts cookies, you can add your own spin on a love saying. 

Broken Heart Cookie Cake

Make yourself a big heart-shaped cookie and decorate it with your true feelings of Valentine's Day as user @jocaprisun did. Of course, you could also opt to cut the cookie down the middle in a broken heart zig zag as well, for some anti-Valentine's Day pizzazz. 

Stabbed In The Heart Cupcakes

Have you ever felt like you've been stabbed in the heart because of a crush or a partner? Then you need to make these cupcakes that perfectly capture that vibe. However, these cupcakes,  topped with a fondant heart and knife, will not make you feel anything but joy.  

Black Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Instead of traditional chocolate-covered strawberries, a traditional Valentine's Day treat, opt for these black-chocolate-covered strawberries. You'll still get the delicious milk chocolate taste without the whole icky love aesthetic going on.