When a TikTok video can instantly stop me from scrolling, it means there's something good cooking. My FYP has recently been filled with the insanely loud, deliciously satisfying, and wonderfully crunchiness of the chicharrón. And if you've seen it, you know exaclty what I'm talking about.

A recent TikTok named Jujumao, @jujumaoo, showing how to make the yummy combination of chicharrón and went viral with over 3.6 million likes and over 50 million views. Now TikTok can not get enough of it. Other videos of reviews and how to make this dish have received similar attention. The hashtag "chicharronconguacamole" has 51 million views and a search for it will bring up tons of videos from the last few weeks, all starting off with that iconic crunch.

What is chicharrón?

Guacamole is very popular so no explanation is needed. But I have never heard of chicharrón before this trend. Chicharrón is pork belly or pork rinds that is traditionally fried or dried. It is a super common dish in many Latin American countries. 

A food creator and chef on TikTok named Bayashi, @bayashi.tiktok shows how to create his version of the fried pork belly. He cuts thick slices of meat and boils it in a large pot of water. Once the meat has turned white, he dries the slices and deep fries them without any breading. Jack Mancuso, another TikTok food creator that goes by the username @chefcuso, chose to smoke the meat before deep frying. The end result is a super crispy — like insane ASMR crispy crunch— exterior with a rough, bubbly-like texture and a meaty center. Guacamole is fairly easy to make. All you need to mix together is red onions, avocados, cilantro, tomatoes, and lime juice.

Why this obsession?

The satisfying crunch in the video grabbed my attention, and even though I am a pescatarian, I wanted to try this. This mixed with the smooth texture of the homemade guacamole instantly makes my mouth water.