In a seltzer-dominated world, it’s sometimes difficult to find your allegiance. Are you more team Truly or White Claw? High Noons? Topo Chicos? There’s even NÜTRUL, if you’re not weirded out by their ads. Now, the canned alcoholic beverage scene is getting a unique addition — and it isn’t exactly a seltzer. Peace Tea, known for their colorful cans and catchy flavor names, has just announced Peace Hard Tea, a spiked version of three of their classic tea flavors. This launch is following in the footsteps of some other recent spiked beverage rollouts: remember Dunkin’s Spiked Iced Tea and Arizona Hard Tea? Twisted Tea certainly has some competition.

What are the flavors?

Peace Hard Teas contain 5% ABV and come in three non-carbonated, fruity flavors. More Peace More Lemon is a zesty, bright lemon flavor. Really Really Razzy is described as “a little sweet, a little tart.” Freedom of Peach is a true, juicy peach flavor.  

Photo via Peace Hard Tea

The cans resemble the classic Peace Tea can, with the peace sign logo against a bright, colorful backdrop, with larger, bold black lettering. The cans are 24 ounces.

Where can I purchase Peace Hard Tea?

As of right now, Peace Hard Tea is only available to customers in the Southeastern U.S. at local convenience stores and retailers. However, it is unclear whether the product will be made available in other regions. Use this search engine to find a nearby retailer that may have Peace Hard Tea available. We're hopeful that they expand access to the drink in more states ASAP.