Like giant pretzels, pizza by the slice, and hot dogs with spicy mustard, FAO Schwarz is a New York City mainstay. Now, the whimsical wonderland known for the 'Big' piano that was once instrumental in Tom Hanks’ career is unveiling a venue that promises to provide the city’s snacking staples. The space is stuffed with wall to wall pastries, popcorn, fruit, sandwiches, and the softest soft pretzels. All this delectable food is, of course, sold in the form of animated plushes. FAO Schwarz’s new Jellycat Diner features the toy brand’s popular Amuseables along with exclusive themed offers. 

What are Jellycats?

Jellycats are among the latest cute collectible trends to decorate dorm rooms. Like TY’s Beanie Babies before them, and Squishmallow’s amorphous animals (another recent internet favorite), part of Jellycat's appeal is their collectability. The brand sells everything from classic teddy bears to smiling toast, and is most notable for its lineup of pseudo food toys. If your local grocery store shelves aren’t stocked with your favorite foods, you can likely find them at your nearest toy store.

What is FAO Schwarz’s Jellycat diner?

Located on the first floor of FAO Schwarz’s Rockefeller Center hub, the Jellycat Diner is set up to resemble a retro eatery with checkered floors, a mock jukebox, and menus listing the location’s exclusive gift set. For $45, diners can purchase a smiling taco, burger, hotdog or slice of pizza along with an enamel pin, sticker sheet, and personalized sticker and gift bag, tucked in diner packaging. Jellycat collectors can also separately stock up on adorable plush provisions like doughnuts, coffee, vegetables, and the brand’s new ramen plush (complete with green onions and boiled eggs).

Jellycat’s Amuseable diner is now open at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.