Food-scented makeup and perfume is not a new idea, so perhaps that’s why the newest viral product seemed so plausible. On March 6, a tweet posted by the official McDonald’s Japan account took the foodie and perfume internet by storm. It depicted a new perfume line that, yes, was marketed to be scented like McDonald’s french fries. It seemed that the iconic fry and equally distinct smell could now be fans’ new signature scent in three flavors and packaging meant to mimic the fry’s box.

But the announcement was misleading.

Is McDonald’s coming out with perfume?

Unfortunately, a McDonald’s perfume scented like fried is not in the works.

It didn’t take long for the announcement from McDonald’s Japan to become worldwide news. The original post on X gained over 130,000 likes, and many users reposted with an intense hype among the McDonald’s fandom anticipating more information on this release.

X accounts dedicated to perfume reviews and launches posted about the McDonald’s launch.

Despite this potential launch sounding intriguing, many had doubts from the jump suspecting it was a prank like the following user.

But it wasn’t long after the news dropped that a following statement was released by McDonald’s informing the public that this perfume line was a promotional campaign to advertise its release of flavored fries.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s released a statement to Food & Wine that said the image was posted by McDonald’s Japan as part of a promotion for the “limited-time flavored fries product, and we would like people to enjoy the scent of fries and flavors.” The spokesperson stated that the perfume “is not actually manufactured or sold.” Needless to say, people following the “news” on social media were devastated. X user @AnythingEatable believes McDonald’s should reconsider and make this an actual product.

While the excitement behind the McDonald’s perfume line may have been misinformation, we politely ask the brand to consider at least a McFlurry perfume.