National Cinnamon Roll Day is upon us just in time for warm, gooey, and delicious treats. I don’t know about you, but ever since we entered the month of October, I have been dreaming of nothing but decadent desserts and fall-flavored everything. Well, I am in luck because National Cinnamon Roll Day (I’m thrilled that this is a real holiday) is right around the corner on October 4, and Cinnabon is celebrating the right way by giving us all the goodies for free

How can I get free cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon this week?

A fan favorite deal, Cinnabon is offering buy-one, get-one free rolls and other goodies from October 2 through October 8. Customers have the ability to mix and match treats for this deal.

Eligible treats include Cinnabon’s classic cinnamon roll, Minibons, Bonbites, and Center of the Roll. If you don’t already know, Minibons are, what you might have already guessed, miniature cinnamon rolls. Bonbites are bite-sized cinnamon rolls, and Center of the Roll consists of bite-sized pieces of baked sweet dough with cinnamon and brown sugar, smothered in a cream cheese frosting (YUM).

Do I have to be a rewards member to get free cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon this week?

You have to be a Cinnabon rewards member, but the good news is it’s super easy to sign up, and once you are a member, you have access to all of these sweet deals. These are all of the deals you can get access to this week, and this week only.

If you’re already a member of the rewards program, this offer will show automatically in your account. Oh, and if that deal isn’t good enough, you get a free order of BonBites just for joining the Cinnabon rewards program. 

Does Cinnabon have other deals for National Cinnamon Roll Day?

Cinnabon is also teaming up with Carvel, a chain known for its sweet swirls of soft-serve and ice cream. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 4, guests have the option to choose from several different Cinnabon frozen desserts at participating ice cream locations. The Cinnabon soft serve combines the classic cinnamon, caramel, and crunchies into swirls of fluffy ice cream. For those craving something a bit more high-end on the ice cream scale, the Cinnabon Sundae Dasher includes Cinnabon soft serve topped with whipped cream and double the amount of crunchies than the typical soft serve. In addition, the Cinnabon Deluxe Flying Saucer sandwiches soft serve between two flakey chocolate wafers before being rolled in crunchies. Now that’s what I call a rich and decadent dessert.

The Cinnabon Sundae is a part of Carvels’ weekly BOGO deal. More freebies? I’m in. The last deal for now features two sundaes for the price of one, only on Wednesdays for rewards members in-store at Carvel.