When White Castle launched in 1921, their iconic sliders cost a cool 5 cents. That’s some serious value! Of course, inflation is real (especially over 102 years), and nowadays the fast-food chain’s iconic cheese sliders will cost you about 90 cents. But today, and today only, you can pick up one of the fast food chain’s iconic cheese sliders for an even better deal — free!

In 2015, White Castle declared May 15 National Slider Day. And since they created this holiday, it’s only natural that they should celebrate in the best way possible, a.k.a. free food.

How can you get a free White Castle slider?

To claim your free cheese slider, show the digital coupon available for download on their website in any participating location on Monday May 15, no purchase required. White Castle’s Sliders are one of the most iconic items in the history of fast food. In 2014, Time Magazine called the chain’s original slider the “most influential burger of all time” — a truly distinguished title.

What’s on the White Castle cheese slider?

The White Castle cheese slider features that same classic combo of 100% beef and grilled onions on a signature bun, topped with a slice of tasty, melty American cheese. What’s not to love? I know some people have strong feelings about American cheese, but IMHO, it’s the best and only option for a cheeseburger. Some things are classic for a reason.

If you are lucky enough to be near one of White Castle’s over 300 locations across the country, make sure to pick up your free cheese slider today, May 15, and celebrate National Slider Day in style!If you aren’t in the vicinity of a White Castle but this article has you craving some (you’re welcome), try this delicious recipe for copycat White Castle sliders