Ranch is arguably one of the most versatile condiments with its ability to be a dip and a dressing — I’ll go even further by saying ranch works well with just about any dish. With National Ranch Day coming up on March 10, there should be extra love for the condiment. Hidden Valley Ranch can always be counted on to release something spectacular. Last year, the brand collabed with Van Leeuwen for a ranch-flavored ice cream and in 2022, Hidden Valley went luxury with diamonds. This year, Hidden Valley Ranch is celebrating March 10 with eight new flavors, plus a collab with a popular nostalgic snack.

What are the new Hidden Valley Ranch flavors?

To celebrate National Ranch Day, Hidden Valley Ranch announced eight new flavors — some for dipping and salads. 

Let’s first talk about the Pickle Ranch. I got an exclusive taste of the new flavors, and this was one of my favorites. This creamy ranch has a subtle pickle flavor that will be a great dip for fries and pizza if you’re looking to satisfy your pickle pizza craving. This flavor, along with Buffalo Ranch, will be available to many major stores near you per Hidden Valley Ranch’s Instagram post.

​Next is Garlic Ranch. Per its name, it’s a perfect addition to jazz up any sandwich due to its strong garlic flavor. The flavor profile reminded me of Papa John’s garlic sauce so, dipping your pizza in this ranch is a must.

Now to the hot ranches: Creamy Jalapeño Ranch, Spicy Hot Honey Ranch, and Sizzlin’ Nashville Hot Ranch. All three ranches will be sold exclusively at Walmart if you can handle the heat. The Spicy Hot Honey Ranch is number one in my book and will be a perfect addition to any charcuterie board or chicken sandwich that needs a bit of spice.

Despite most of the sauces being for a salad or a dip, the Parmesan Ranch and Green Goddess are the ones I’d grab for a salad. The latter will help you recreate Melissa Ben-Ishay’s viral Green Goddess salad, while the parm ranch will add the cheesy flavor that almost every salad needs.

What does the Hidden Valley Cheez-It Ranch taste like?

Speaking of cheesy flavors, Hidden Valley Ranch collabed with Cheez-It’s for the cheesiest ranch. 

The ranch is made with real cheese that resembles the nostalgic cracker. It tastes just like a cheese sauce with a dill-y flavor well-known by many ranch lovers. The Cheez-It ranch is a perfect topping for nachos or as a dipping sauce for a soft pretzel.

It will be available at Walmart locations later this month and in Kroger stores nationwide in April for $6.