Happy hump day! If you're just trudging through the week, you definitely need a little pick-me-up. Fortunately, you can treat yourself today without spending a dime. If you have the McDonald's app on your phone, you can head to your local Golden Arches drive-thru or dining room to secure six free McNuggets. While fries aren't free today, it never hurts to upgrade your order with some thin, cripsy, salty "World Famous Fries." Here's how to get free McNuggets at McDonald's today. 

How do I get free McNuggets at McDonald's today?

On Wednesday, May 22, you can secure six free McNuggets at McDonald's. The deal is exclusively available on the McDonald's app. No purchase is necessary in order to score the deal. You can find the promotion in the "Rewards & Deals" section of the app.

Photo via McDonald's

Make sure to grab some BBQ, buffalo, ranch, or honey mustard sauce for dipping. 

What else is new at McDonald's?

Beginning on May 21, McDonald's started sharing their limited-edition Grandma McFlurry with customers. The treat blends McDonald's classic vanilla soft-serve ice cream with chopped-up candy pieces and sweet syrup.

The candy is supposed to mimic the hard, crunchy candy that all grandmothers seem to keep in their purses. Think of the Werther’s Butterscotch that universally all grandmas carry around. Grab yours before it gets taken off the menu.