Summer is truly upon us when we start hearing the crackling of a bonfire coming from the backyard. This summer, the smells of melting chocolate, roasted marshmallows, and toasted graham crackers are being replaced by a variety of new backyard snacks inspired by the traditional s'more. If you love the vibe of sitting out by a campfire but want to try some camping desserts with a twist, you have to check out these s’more-inspired goodies and trendy foods to roast over your bonfire this summer. 

1. Croissant S’more  

2024 has been the year of the croissant. We have witnessed the success of the “doughssant” and rookie, but now, it's time to take the fluffy, flaky pastry we know and love, and swap it into a backyard snack. Replace your typical graham cracker with a croissant this summer to roast over the fire for a delicious spin on a traditional treat.

2.  Rice Krispies Treats

Leave the bag of marshmallows that needs another sweet to accompany it in the pantry this summer. Instead, replace it with the stand-alone Rice Krispies Treat. Simply pop the unwrapped Rice Krispies Treat onto a skewer and roast it to your desired crisp. Once the treat is to your liking, pull it off and enjoy!

3. Glazed Doughnut

Did you know glazed doughnuts aren’t just a morning sweet treat? The doughnut is a snack that can transform from dawn to dusk and be a big hit at your next campfire. Try skipping the chocolate and marshmallows and instead toast a glazed doughnut over the fire. According to TikTok creator @bestdayeverwithstacy, you should watch out for when the glaze starts to bubble and then caramelize the outside by inserting the doughnut into the flame.

4. Campfire Strawberries

If you want to ditch the crunchiness of a graham cracker or the heaviness of a croissant, simply replace it with a fresh strawberry. Dip the strawberry into a heaping container of marshmallow fluff then take it over to the fire to toast. Once the marshmallow is a nice golden brown, drizzle the strawberry with some melted chocolate and dig in.

5. Campfire Cinnamon Roll-Ups

Once again, a typical breakfast indulgence can transcend its typical place on a morning plate. The sweet smell of cinnamon rolls can fill a house, but how about the backyard? Take refrigerated crescent roll dough, split the triangles, and roll them up. Dip the rolled dough into a mixture of cinnamon and sugar and begin toasting. To truly turn these into cinnamon rolls, you have to top them with some frosting.

6. Campfire Churros

 In a very similar process to the cinnamon roll-ups, you can create campfire churros. Split and roll the crescent dough then place it onto a skewer to toast. Once the outside looks like the ideal golden brown churro, roll the dough in butter. Dip the buttered dough into the same cinnamon sugar mixture but this time skip out on the frosting. Instead, you can opt for a chocolate dipping sauce.