It’s festival season, people. That means more music, more fun, and more FOOD. This weekend, Panorama NYC will be hosting their first festival on Randall’s Island. Rivaling Govball, the headliners for Panorama will include DJ Khaled, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Arcade Fire, Sia, and more.

Additionally, Panorama will have 45 different food and drink vendors. The big question is how their food selection will compare to the one at Govball. Although there are a few overlaps with Govball’s 2016 eats, there are a lot of new names. Check out the best of the selection below.

1. Arancini Bros


Photo courtesy of @jessicankane on Instagram

Kick it back with fried rice balls from Arancini Bros. Anything fried is already a win. Try both their savory (chicken, veggie, crab cake, etc.) and sweet options, including rice balls filled with nutella or chocolate peanut butter mousse. Damn.

2. Dough


Photo courtesy of devourpower on Instagram

Dough makes some of the best donuts in the game. They’re huge, perfectly doughy, and come in every creative flavor you could think of. They offer yeast (the best kind) and cake donuts and also doughkas (a mix between donuts and babkas.) Some of their best flavors are nutella, hibiscus, mocha almond crunch, and plain glazed. But you can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

3. Brooklyn Soda Works


Photo courtesy of @thewurld on Instagram

Brooklyn Soda Works makes healthy sodas, using fresh fruit juice and herbs mixed with sparkling water to create delicious, refreshing soda that doesn’t have any concentrates or syrups. Try their cucumber, lime and sea salt flavor or pineapple with sage and sip on a soda to help cool you down.

4. Inday


Photo courtesy of @foodbabyny on Instagram

Inday makes eating healthy interesting, offering healthy bowls with an Indian flavored twist. Start with a base of your choice of quinoa, basmati rice, or cauliflower rice and complete your bowl by choosing from their different combinations such as “Life Aquatic” with salmon, greens, lentils, pineapple, and banana chips or “Paradise Chicken” with grilled chicken, slaw, lentils, pickle, and pineapple. If you’re not feeling the bowl, they have dosa waffles topped with different meats and veggies.

5. Ice and Vice


Photo courtesy of @mikejchau on Instagram

Ice and Vice is hands down one of the  best New York ice cream shops out there (and there are a lot). They use artisanl Konery ice cream cones that come in various flavors – like birthday cake, red velvet, and chocolate hazelnut – to serve their creative ice cream flavors. Ice and Vice flavors include “Shade” which consists of smoked dark chocolate and caramelized white chocolate ganache or “Nuts of Wrath” which is made of marcona almond and grape kool-aid jam. You get the picture, it’s pretty cool.

6. Nix


Photo courtesy of @onehungryjew on Instagram

Nix serves up the perfect food for vegans and vegetarians that is light and refreshing and ideal for the summer festival weather. Try their different dips with tandoor bread including an avocado, mint and curry dip or red pepper and walnut.

7. The Bao Shoppe


Photo courtesy of @b0ttomless.pit on Instagram

The Bao Shoppe makes the infamous bao sandwiches that use Asian steamed buns  The Bao Shoppe offers different sandwiches such as popcorn shrimp bao, pulled pork bao, or tofu bao. Other than bao, they offer garlic fries and scallion pancakes (mushroom, beef, plain, or phill cheese steak style) to eat on the side.

8. Eggloo


Photo courtesy of @foodbabyny on Instagram

Eggloo, an egg waffle shop that originated in Hong Kong, will be selling the famous and highly-instagrammed egg waffles and egg waffle sundaes. They offer both sweet and savory egg waffles, ranging from pizza to chocolate to green tea. If you want to take it up a notch, you can sandwich ice cream between your choice of waffle and top it with candies, fruits, whipped cream, pocky and chocolate syrup.

9. Asia Dog


Photo courtesy of @prettyeating on Instagram

Asia Dog is the perfect hybrid between hot dogs and Asian flavor and cuisine from China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and more. Choose whether you want a beef, chicken, or veggie dog and then choose your toppings whether it’s kimchi, Asian slaw, Vietnamese banh-mi toppings, or more.



Photo by Thulan Unsoeld

RAW MKT is so new that their website is not fully running yet. However, they will be offering fresh foods, including poke and hand rolls, which are perfect for the summer weather. They also have vegan and vegetarian options.

11. Melt Bakery


Photo courtesy of @girlswhoeat on Instagram

Melt Bakery is king of ice cream sandwiches and a cool, dripping ice cream sandwich is perfect for 90-degree weather. Try their different flavor combinations including red velvet melt cakes with cream cheese ice cream or chocolate cookies with malted chocolate rum ice cream.

12. Roberta’s


Photo courtesy of @nhamwill on Instagram

Roberta’s offers perfect, freshly made, wood oven pizzas. Choose from different styles such as margherita, “Bee Sting” (which includes honey), or “Speckenwolf” (with speck, mushroom, onion, and tomato) to name a few. No matter what, pizza is always the call.

13. Bareburger


Photo courtesy of @laselmastyle on Instagram

You can’t go wrong with the classic burger and fries and Bareburger is a classic. Choose your burger and toppings and get regular fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings on the side. Other options include chicken tenders, pickles, and specialty burgers like the “SoCal” burger with turkey, guacamole, cheddar, and onions, or the “El Matador” with a bison burger and pico de gallo.