Last week, Dunkin’s summer menu was leaked. The leak continues to be all over TikTok, with users getting super excited about it. The summer menu which will be launching May 1 features new drinks and treats. A new menu isn’t the only thing that has Dunkin’ lovers talking, the coffee chain also launched new tumblers. Here’s everything we know about it.

Dunkin’s New Summer Menu

The summer menu features three new drinks. First up is the Kiwi Watermelon Refresher, which is a refresher mixed with lemonade. The next new drink is a Vanilla Frosted Donut Latte (hot and iced options), which supposedly tastes like a donut according to a TikTok by @shay_rika3, a Dunkin' employee who reviewed the new items. The menu also includes a Blueberry Donut Coffee (hot and iced), and a refreshing Dunkin’ Lemonade. @shay_rika3 noted that if you enjoy the Blueberry Glaze, you’ll particularly enjoy the Blueberry Donut Coffee.

New food items will also make their way to the menu like the Green Goddess Dunkin Wrap, which includes egg whites, tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese. For a sweet treat, the Chocolate Chunk Cookie and Watermelon Burst Donut will also be available on May 1.

Let’s get into the Dunkin’ tumblers

Though a lot of TikTok users are super excited about the new Dunkin’ summer menu, that’s not the only thing circulating on TikTok. The new Dunkin’ tumblers for spring and summer are very popular right now. The coffee chain showcased the new colors on its Instagram captioning the reel, “It’s easier to hold one than three, but good luck choosing which color to buy!” Available at participating stores, the new colors are purple, pink, and blue.

The appeal of these tumblers is strong, Dunkin’ fans like @itschristinaq commented, “You all are making it hard for me to choose!” under the Dunkin’ post. Another Dunkin’ lover, @nevadahhhh, commented, “Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes.”

Spring in a cup

Speaking of spring and Dunkin’, Natalie Zacek’s (@nataliezacek on TikTok and Instagram) Dunkin’ order is currently going viral, with many Dunkin’ lovers trying it. Here’s the order reveal: an original iced coffee with one blueberry flavor shot, two butter-pecan flavor swirls, and oatmilk.

@robinnwells on TikTok tried it and gave it a 10 out of 10, which is all I need to drive up to Dunkin’ to try it.