America's favorite weather-rodent Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for 2024. While it might still be dreary, frigid, and snowy where you live, rest assured that you don't have to wait any longer for Dunkin's 2024 spring menu. Trade in the winter flavors of hazelnut and peppermint mocha for Dunkin's new beverage and food options. In fact, today marks the day that the chain is officially getting into the fruity energy drink game for those who aren't into sipping coffee in the morning. So, let's see what America is about to run on this season. 

What new beverages are on Dunkin's 2024 spring menu?

This spring 2024, Dunkin' is offering two new coffee flavors including the Churro Signature Latte and Cinamon Vanilla Coffee. Both cinnamon-forward offerings can be enjoyed iced or hot. Of course, the Churro Signature Latte has the heartier kick of espresso and is topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon girlies, it really is our time to shine. 

Photo via Dunkin'

As mentioned earlier, Dunkin' really is entering the energy drink game with SPARKD’ Energy. Available in flavors Berry Burst (raspberry and strawberry) and Peach Sunshine (lychee and peach), these drinks include a mix of vitamins, minerals and caffeine. Though, Dunkin's, original press release does not list the types of vitamins or minerals, or caffeine count. 

What new food options are on the Dunkin' 2024 spring menu?

To pair with the churro coffee flavor, Dunkin' is adding churro donuts to the menu. Cinnamon-sugar donuts in a delicate swirl are the best way to start the day IMHO. If you are a sweet breakfast person, you can grab a slice of chocolate chip banana bread, just like grandma used to make. In fact, it arrives just in time for National Banana Bread Day on February 23. 

Photo via Dunkin'

Of course, if you're all about packing in the protein in the A.M., Dunkin's new breakfast empanadas are fabulous ways to start the day. Scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheddar cheese are packed inside a flaky, buttery crust. If you're a commuter, this is a solid mess-free option. After all, breakfast tacos and burritos are hard to enjoy with just one hand.

Are there any Dunkin' deals coming up?

Of course, it always pays to be a Dunkin' rewards member. In honor of this year's special Leap Day, app users can get a  medium Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee for $2 when they order in the Dunkin’ mobile app on February 29.

Also, cold brew lovers are going to be buzzing — literally — because members can score a medium cold brew for $3 when their order is placed in the Dunkin’ app. This deal runs from March 1 to April 30, and there is a limit to one cold brew order per day.